Because of this, I do not want anyone to see me standing outside of his office. They’ll either know Jerico is asking for a repeat or think I appear desperate for his attention.

Before I can change my mind, I rap my knuckles against the door three times. To my relief, I hear Jerico’s voice calling me in. I quickly open the door and step inside, surprised to find my nerves have quieted a bit. I’m thinking I was more nervous someone would see me than I was about what Jerico and I might do tonight.

Jerico stands from his desk and grabs his suit jacket that had been draped over the back. “Are you tired from your shift?”

“A little.” Truth of the matter is I’m physically fatigued to the point if I could lay down on the floor and go to sleep, I would. Walking around in high heels for hours on end with a heavy tray strapped to my shoulders isn’t for the weak.

“Little liar,” Jerico chides me as he rounds the desk. He walks up to me and places his fingers under my chin so I’m forced to look up at him. “You look exhausted. Do you want to go home?”

I lift my chin a little higher and turn my face so that his fingers fall away, giving him a smirk. “That depends on what you have planned. If you want to run a marathon, count me out.”

Jerico’s eyes go bright with amusement, and he chuckles as he reaches down to take my hand in his. “No marathons tonight. But you won’t be going to sleep soon.”

“No worries. I don’t have to be at work until seven PM tomorrow so I can sleep as late as I want.”

It was approaching almost three AM as the club closes at two thirty. I could technically stay up for several more hours and still be fresh for work tomorrow. Just the thought of Jerico spending hours on me causes a thrill of excitement to jolt up my spine, and I feel slightly energized.

Jerico doesn’t walk us to his office door, but instead heads to a door at the back of his office. I’m imagining it might be his secret playroom, but I’m utterly surprised when he opens the door and we step into a kitchen. Correction… as I look around, I see we are inside of an apartment.

“You live here?” I ask as he drops my hand and I walk through the kitchen toward the wall made of glass that looks out over Vegas.

“It’s convenient,” he says.

I look over my shoulder at him and give a sardonic grin. “I can just imagine.”

Jerico comes up behind me and my pulse races when he brings his hands to my hips. “What do you mean you can just imagine?”

I shrug my shoulders. “I’m just saying… you want to bring a girl here, it’s quite convenient.”

“What if I told you I’ve never brought a girl here before?”

This surprises me, and I turn to face him. His hands don’t fall away from my hips but merely circle around to clasp at my back before he pulls me into him. I look up and try to gauge whether he’s kidding me.

“You’ve never brought a girl here before me?” He cannot mistake the sarcasm or skepticism in my voice.

Rather than appease my curiosity, he merely gives me a secretive smile and says, “I guess it doesn’t matter what my answer is because I can tell by the tone of your voice you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that you were the first.”

I decide to leave that subject alone. It’s too confusing to me, especially since Jerico laid the ground rules out, which included a very clear indication that we would not be monogamous, nor would we succumb to jealousies if the other person fucked someone else.

“You’re right,” I tell him nonchalantly as I slide my palms up his chest, over his shoulder, and lace my fingers around his neck. “I wouldn’t believe you.”

I don’t miss the flash of annoyance in Jerico’s eyes, but he doesn’t respond. Instead, his head tilts to the side and he runs his lips along the side of my neck. When he pulls away and looks back in my eyes, I see nothing but pure longing.

“Would you believe me if I told you I’ve been thinking about you all day? Or that I’ve run through a dozen different scenarios of what I want to do to you tonight?”

“Technically, it’s morning,” I say breathlessly.

Jerico’s eyes smile at me with amusement, and he shakes his head. Taking me by the hand, he turns and leads me through the living room toward a hallway. While he doesn’t address me directly, I clearly hear him mutter, “I swear I think I could actually sit down and have an actual conversation with you.”

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