I place the tip of the plug right at her opening and push it forward just a fraction of an inch. She immediately tightens up.

“Deep breath,” I instruct her. “It helps if you want to push against it.”

Trista does exactly as I tell her, taking in a lungful of air. As she blows it out, I push the plug in about an inch.

“Oh, damn,” Trista groans.

“Good?” I ask with a smile, but I can tell by the nature of that groan what her answer will be.

“Really, really good,” she murmurs as I push the plug in slowly all the way to its hilt. “Oh, Jerico… yes, that feels so good.”

“I knew you’d like it,” I tell her with confidence. I know this because there isn’t a woman who I have done this to who didn’t like it. But again, something about Trista taking pleasure from it is more rewarding than what I’ve experienced.

“Go ahead and stand up,” I tell her gently.

She does with a soft moan and turns to face me. I spread my legs a little further. She steps in closer to me and my palms go to her ass, where I start deeply massaging the muscles of her cheeks.

Trista’s head falls back in ecstasy because I know this is moving the plug around slightly inside of her, connecting with sensitive nerves and ramping up her pleasure.

I tap the flat end of the plug lightly, and her head flies back up as she looks at me in surprise. “This is what keeps the plug secure, but I just want to give you a head’s-up you’re going to feel it move a little while we’re fucking.”

Trista gives me a sly smile, her eyes glazed over with extreme pleasure. “I can tell you without a doubt I’m glad to know that.”

Taking stock of the mixed emotions of amusement and lust I have coursing through me, I grab Trista and haul her onto my lap so she’s straddling me. My cock is thick and hard and completely ready for her.

But first…

“Kiss me,” I order her.

Her eyes flare wide with surprise, but then her lids lower with unrepentant desire that I’ve asked for something so intimate. She places her palms on my face and leans forward to press her mouth to mine.

Gently, with absolutely no hurry, she uses the pressure of her lips to get me to open up. I follow her lead, content to let her mouth move over mine in a lazy way. You would think the fact that my cock is hard because I just ate her pussy and shoved the butt plug up her ass, it would start to wane a little with this slow, sensuous kiss she’s giving me, but I’ve always found the mouth to be so erotic with the things that can be done with it. If anything, the care and gentleness within her kiss is making me harder and hornier.

With no hesitancy but still a tender touch, her tongue slides along mine and we deepen the kiss. My fingers squeeze into her ass cheeks, and she moans into my mouth.

Reluctantly, I pull away, giving her a tiny brush of my lips before I reach once more to the nightstand to grab a condom. Trista immediately takes it out of my hands and says, “Let me.”

So I let her.

Putting a condom on has never been anything more than a function of practicality and safety. But Trista makes it a sensual delight as she slowly rolls the sheath over my dick, giving me a hard squeeze at the base. I have to practically bite down on the inside of my cheek not to make noise when she does this. It’s not that I can’t get loud in the throes of passion, but I don’t like showing my hand so early in the game. I certainly don’t want Trista knowing how good it feels just having her hand squeeze me.

Holding her firmly by the hips, I lift slightly from my seat on the bed and push backward before lying flat on my back. This allows Trista to place her knees on the mattress at my hips and sends a clear message of what I want. She places her hands on the bed next to my shoulders, hovering over me on her hands and knees with her face inches from mine.

Yes, the message is clear what I want, but Trista gives me a coy, innocent smile. “Whatever do you want me to do in this position?”

A sharp slap right in the middle of her ass is my answer, my palm coming in direct contact with the end of the butt plug. Trista yelps and then glares at me. I merely grin back up at her.

“You know what I want,” I say as I rub my hand over her warm skin.

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