Trista cocks an eyebrow at me as she sits up while straddling the tops of my thighs. She places the tip of her finger at the corner of her mouth and says, “Hmmm. I’m pretty sure you want me on top, but I have to say that slap felt pretty damn good to. Maybe we should concentrate on that.”

I grit my teeth, not from frustration but so I don’t start laughing at her antics. Reaching down, I grab my erection and growl at her, “I want you on my cock, and I want you there now.”

Trista grins at me but she doesn’t make me wait, crawling forward just a bit and hovering her pussy right over the tip of my dick. I hold it steady as she starts to slowly sink down on me with no hesitation. She is good and relaxed, completely worked up from the multiple orgasms I gave her prior as well as the plug in her ass. When she climaxes, it might even destroy her. I’m looking forward to that.

Trista’s eyes flutter closed. She has a serene smile on her face as she just holds still and feels the fullness within her. I am anything but feeling serene at this moment and need her to move.

My hands go to her breasts, squeezing them roughly. Trista’s eyes fly open and she watches as I pinch her nipples. This causes an immediate reaction and her hips start to gyrate.

Not enough though.

“Ride me, baby,” I growl her.

“Like this?” she breathes out in a raspy voice as she starts to raise and lower herself on my cock in a slow, methodical way.

While there are many times I love to take the time to get off slowly, this is not one of them. For Trista to fully appreciate that plug in her ass, I need her to move.

Putting my hands on her hips, I spread my fingers wide to curl around her back. She looks down at me curiously as I use my hands to move her up and down, still letting her set the pace for a few more moments.

I can tell by her shallow breaths, the blush across her neck and the tiny moans she makes when her ass presses down on me, that she’s feeling the plug. But I want more than her just feeling it. I want her consumed by it.

“Do you know what riding cock means? I ask her.

She shakes her head as she continues to move up and down slowly.

“It means,” I tell her as I use my hands and my physical strength to pull her up my shaft and then slam her back down onto me, “that you should be bouncing, your tits should be jiggling, and you should be screaming at the way that plug is pounding into your ass.”

Trista’s eyes flare wide and look stunned, and I find I like doing that to her.

“Ready?” I asked her with a grin.

Eyes still round as saucers, she gives me a short nod.

“Then let’s get at it, baby. I want you to fuck me hard.”

Before I even have a chance to help assist her in the movements I want, Trista raises herself up before falling back down onto my shaft. Before a groan can even tear free from either one of us, she’s already lifting back up again and slamming that tight pussy back down again.

This time, she screams. Not in pain, but in pure pleasure from that plug as well as my cock based on the rapture across her face. She starts to go faster and harder, to the point where my balls are starting to take a pounding.

Since I don’t want to interfere with her enthusiasm, I don’t try to get her to change her pace.

Instead, I tell her, “Turn around.”

“Turn around?” she asks in a daze as she slowly gyrates to keep some friction going. She is completely lost to sensation.

Using my hands, I pull her off my dick. “Turn around. Ride me reverse.”

Trista scrambles to turn herself around over me, and she immediately has her hand on my cock guiding it back into her. I love this position. Love watching that ass as she bounces up and down, and that’s exactly what she starts doing right away. When I told Trista to ride my cock, she took me very seriously.

I don’t put my hands back to her hips, but content myself to just watch her for a few moments. She’s magnificent from this angle. Granted, I can’t see those fantastic tits bouncing up and down but her ass and that plug sticking out more than makes up for it.

“I think I’m going to come,” Trista mutters as she picks up the pace.

That makes my balls tighten up in anticipation, my hands coming to rest lightly on her hips.

“That’s it, baby. Let go. I want you to come all over me.”

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