Trista only pulls up and slams down one more time before her back arches so deeply her ponytail touches the top of my chest. The corresponding scream that tears out of her throat causes my own climax to fire in my hips as I thrust upward into her. My hand goes to the plug in her ass, and I tug it out slowly as she’s orgasming. This causes Trista to scream again, which makes my orgasm seem to magnify. Her scream dies to a groan, then finally a soft mewling as she falls face forward onto my legs in complete exhaustion.

I can feel tiny quakes running through her pussy as my dick continues to jump inside of her. Taking a deep breath, I look down my body at her and ask, “Are you okay?”

She nods her head and groans with her cheek resting on one of my shin bones.

Yup, I think she’s destroyed. And I like that a lot.

Long, long moments pass as we lay there in silence. My cock softens and slips out of her, and she continues to lay like dead weight on my legs. Eventually, she stirs and pushes herself up before swinging a leg over me. She continues to roll right off the bed as she asks,” Can I use your bathroom?”

I start to peel the condom off me as I answer, “Of course. Help yourself to anything in there.”

Trista surprises me by picking up her clothes and carrying them with her to the bathroom. Before I even know what I’m doing, I tell her, “Don’t put your clothes back on.”

She turns around to look at me in shock. Her gaze cuts down to my softened dick and back to me. “You want to go again?”

This is a first for me. I don’t do women in this apartment. There’s no need when I have a sex club within walking distance. But even before that, I didn’t like having women in my personal space. Once Michelle betrayed me with Jayce, I closed myself off tight, which means I don’t go for second rounds or sleepovers.

Obviously, I am not acting quite myself where this woman is concerned. This should scare the shit out of me… particularly because I have ulterior motives where she’s concerned. And yet, I want her again, and I want her to stay. Despite the fact I have no cameras in this apartment and what we are doing is no use to my scheme, I just want her again, and I usually get what I want.

“Yes, I want to go again. And maybe again after that.”

Trista stares at me for a moment, weighing her options. She could go home to an empty—I assume—bed, or she could have more fantastic, mind-blowing orgasms. It doesn’t take her long to make her decision. She drops her clothes to the floor as she turns to the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.”

I smile to myself and roll off the bed to dispose of the condom. On the way back, I grab two more and then pull the covers back. By the time I’m settling onto the mattress, Trista is walking back out of the bathroom. She has let her hair out of her ponytail and looks like a goddess as she walks my way.

As it turns out a few hours later, I needed three more condoms rather than two.

When we both come down from the last round of orgasms, Trista once again starts to roll out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” I ask as I turn to my side to watch her.

She stands up and turns to look at me. “Going home to get some sleep. Otherwise, I’m going to feel like shit tomorrow.”

I’m pretty convinced I might be possessed by some type of malevolent spirit because before I know it, my hand is patting the mattress and I tell her, “Get back in bed. Stay the night here.”

Trista has come to know enough about me, particularly with my ground rules, that this is not something I normally do. She merely cocks an eyebrow at me in skepticism.

I pat the mattress again and tell her with complete nonchalance, “I feel compelled to walk you to your car since it’s so late and the security is not the greatest at this time in the parking garage. I’m too lazy and sated to do that. So do me a favor and come sleep in my bed. You can leave when the sun comes up.”

Or stay for hours until you you’re ready to wake up. I’m cool with that too.

Trista rolls her eyes at me either because she knows I’m full of shit or she’s not the type to be flattered by chivalry, but regardless, she crawls back into the bed. I pull the covers over us.

The malevolent and completely bat-shit crazy spirit that must be residing inside of me then pulls Trista into my arms. Within moments, I fall asleep.

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