I knock on Jerico’s office door, wondering what he could possibly want. He’d sent me a text and asked me to just swing by for a few minutes before I started my shift.

That means he doesn’t want sex because there’s no way you can have sex with Jerico Jameson in just a few minutes.

He calls for me to enter and I do, shutting the door softly behind me.

“What’s up?” I ask casually.

As usual, he looks elegant, gorgeous, and domineering, three traits I find to be very appealing. He’s wearing a charcoal-gray dress suit with a white shirt and a lavender tie. Again, his clothes are clearly custom made to fit every angle, hill, and valley of his body. And he has a lot of those I can attest to as last night, over the four different times we had sex, I was able to explore pretty much every inch. The same could be said for Jerico and my body.

Jerico sweeps a hand toward one of the guest chairs opposite where he sits behind his desk. “Take a seat.”

I do as he asks, but I can’t help but quip, “I feel like I’m in trouble and been sent to the principal’s office.”

Jerico gives me a wicked grin. “If you were in trouble, you’d already be bent over my desk and getting a nice paddling.”

I press my legs together tightly to try to alleviate the ache that has suddenly sprung up there.

Glancing at my watch, and then up to Jerico, I prod him. “I’ve only got about five minutes before my shift starts so what do you need?”

He laughs at me. “I think you can afford to be a few minutes late.”

“I thought you said you didn’t give preferential treatment to your employees, especially the ones you were fucking,” I remind him.

“Trista,” he says in almost a patronizing tone. “I don’t know if you realize this or not, but I really don’t need you working for me. You’re actually an extra employee I don’t need, but by giving you the job here, I’ve enabled you to pay back the money I gave you.”

I just blink at him.

He gives me a wry smile. “Although I do have to admit, I enjoy watching you prance around in your little black thong. I equally enjoy having you close by so I can fuck you when I want to.”

My eyebrows shoot up. “So this whole repayment thing is really about sex and not because you need somebody to work at the club?”

The smile slides from Jerico’s face as he gets a hard glint in his eye. “It’s not just about sex. You can tell me ‘no’ whenever you want to. The question is, do you want to say ‘no’ to me? Do you want to call an end to our sexual relationship right now?”

My immediate and initial gut reaction is to hastily reassure him that I do not want to end the sexual relationship because I’ve not learned all I want to learn. I clearly have not had enough of Jerico.

But for some reason, I’m having a hard time admitting that to him because not only did we have sex four times last night, but we also had conversation. Granted, it wasn’t heavy conversation and most of it was casual and impersonal. But I got a slight peek at what lies underneath the starched suits of the intimidating businessman who owns a sex club, and what I saw I can say I honestly liked.

Sadly, I’m letting some of my womanly insecurities surface. Jerico’s ground rules seemed acceptable to me at first, but I can’t help some slight feeling of jealousy at him being with someone else. I don’t know he’s been with anyone else since he started sleeping with me, but how would I? Most nights I work, I don’t see him. I’m stuck in one room. For all I know, he could be in one of the other rooms fucking out his heart’s desire.

On the flip side, I could be doing the same thing. He gave me free license to do what I want inside this club. And I’ve had some offers, a few of which were appealing. Ultimately though, I declined, not because I owe Jerico any loyalty but because I just can’t have casual, anonymous sex in a sex club in front of other people. Yes, Jerico was a stranger to me, but I reasoned that we had at least a connection. He’s friends with my brother Jayce, although I get the impression they have drifted apart. I also know they served in the military together, so in my mind that made Jerico more trustworthy.

“Trista,” Jerico says to get my attention. “Do you want to say ‘no’ to me?”

I don’t know if I hate myself or not, but I shake my head. “At this point, I wouldn’t say ‘no’. I could feel differently tomorrow, though.”

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