I felt the need to add that last little bit on so he knows I’m playing by the rules of casual sex.

Jerico gives me a curt nod and while I don’t think he looks overly happy at what I just said, he brushes past it by changing the subject.

“I want to ask you about something you and I talked about last night,” Jerico says.

I tilt my head in curiosity. We talked about a lot of stuff, most of it inane, some of it funny, and of course, a lot of it was sexual. That usually led us into the next round of sex.

“What in particular?” I ask.

“We talked about fantasies last night,” he reminds me.

I nod because those talks had me blushing, as well as wet between the legs. One of the things I had found out was that Jerico has indulged in most of his fantasies. It was with no small amount of shame that I admitted to him I didn’t have many fantasies, but he’d already fulfilled one of them that first night in The Orgy Room.

“You told me that one of your fantasies was to be with multiple men at the same time,” Jerico reminds me.

I flush hot all over, but I nod at him.

“Do you want me to make it happen?” he asks me.

My body tightens up with tension even as my pulse races with genuine curiosity. “Would you be involved? I mean… would you be one of the men?”

“Of course. And I would only choose men I trusted.”

I start to nibble on one of my fingernails, considering this. I’m wildly intrigued, woefully unprepared, and totally scared. “I honestly don’t know if I can handle it.”

“What do you mean?” He looks genuinely befuddled.

“I mean…” My voice lowers to a whisper because this embarrasses me, “I don’t know if I can take a man in every single one of my openings.”

Jerico’s eyes sparkle with amusement as he understands my fear, but he spares me genuine laughter. “Trista, a multiple can be anything you want to be. It’s your fantasy.”


Jerico nods at me with a reassuring smile. “If you want this, I suggest we start you very slow and with only one other man in addition to me. You will have all the control and tell us what you want from us.”

Okay, this has some real potential. I think I might orgasm just thinking about the prospect. And why shouldn’t I take advantage of this opportunity? Let’s face it… this isn’t going to happen to me again.

But I still have some reservations. “Who would you choose?”

“Kynan would be my first choice. But I have a few others I would trust.”

I nod in understanding and ask, “And when would we do this?”

“Whenever you wanted. Kynan’s on a break from work.”

I take a deep breath and make the only decision I can because I bet I’ll regret it if I don’t. “Okay. I’d like to try that. Set it up whenever it’s convenient for both of you.”

Jerico gives me his patented wicked smile, and my nipples tighten in response. I start to stand up from the chair, but he gives me pause when he says, “I’ve got one stipulation.”

I swallow hard. “What’s that?”

“We do it in The Silo in one of the glass rooms so people can watch,” he says with a silky voice that holds a sinister tone underneath.

I take a quavering breath and decide to go all in. “I’ll probably die from embarrassment but after I finish my service here with you, I’ll at least take comfort in the fact I’ll never see any of these people again.”

Something flashes on Jerico’s face that I might peg as annoyance, but then my attention is taken by my cell phone ringing in my purse. I immediately recognize my mom’s ring tone and given the circumstances of Corinne’s medical condition, I can never ignore it. Even when I’m on duty, I have one of the bartenders watch my phone in case she has to call with an emergency.

After fishing my phone out of my purse, I connect the call and say, “Hey, Mom. Is everything okay?”

My mom’s voice is brittle and shaky. “It’s Corinne. She was having some chest pain and trouble breathing. I called an ambulance. We’re on our way to the hospital now.”

An immediate and monstrous wave of fear crashes over me but as soon as its tide recedes, I kick into this weird mode where I become utterly calm and collected. It is something I was forced to learn how to do when Corinne became sick and it was obvious I was the only competent one who had a strong enough backbone to handle it. While I love my mother beyond reason, she has never been a strong woman. It’s why Danielle and Jayce have always walked all over her, and it’s why Danielle has taken off and abandoned Corinne to my mom’s care, which means my care, too.

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