“Are they taking her to Mercy?” I ask. Her heart surgeon practiced there.

“Yes,” she says, and I can hear tears in her voice. “At first, they didn’t want to because it was further away, but I insisted.”

“That’s wonderful, Mom,” I praise her as I know that will go a long way toward calming her down somewhat. “Hang tough. I’m on my way there now and should see you very soon.”

“Okay,” she whispers, and then lets out a tiny sob that breaks my heart. “But hurry please.”

“I’ll bust all the speed barriers,” I assure her lightly, and getting a laugh from her, which was my goal. “I love you, Mom. Tell Corinne I love her and I’ll be there soon.”

I push out of my chair as I disconnect the call and give an apologetic look to Jerico, all conversation about having a threesome with him and Kynan completely obliterated from my mind. “I’m really sorry. But I can’t work tonight. If you want to tack it onto the end, that would be fine.”

I turn away and walk quickly toward his office door. As my hand reaches out for the knob, I’m completely stunned to see Jerico’s hand there first. I didn’t even realize he had followed me there.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, his voice laced with concern.

While I find that very sweet, and a new side to Jerico, I don’t have time to get into it. “My niece is at the hospital, and I have to go.”

“Is everything okay?” he prods me.

I push his hand away from the knob and grab it myself to open the door. There’s frustration in my voice at being delayed and I don’t have time for politeness. “I don’t know, Jerico. I hope so. But I won’t know until I get there.”

He gets the hint, stepping back from his door so I can walk through.

“If you need off more than one day, it’s not a problem,” Jerico says as I step into the hallway.

I don’t even look back at him, but I do call, “Thank you,” over my shoulder.

Then he’s forgotten and all I can think about is Corinne.



I stare at my phone and it’s like watching water boil waiting for a response from Trista. I sent a text to her about an hour after she’d hurried out of my office to go to the hospital, asking if everything was okay with her niece. That was two hours ago, meaning I’ve been wondering what the fuck is going on for three hours.

Of course, I didn’t know she had a niece because our time together has been spent mostly fucking, and the talks we’ve had never got personal enough to talk about family. It makes me realize I don’t know much about Trista at all, and normally, this would not bother me because all I need to know from a woman is whether she came.

But there’s something about Trista that’s gotten under my skin a bit. Yeah, the sex is downright amazing, and it’s because she’s innocent yet adventurous and I’m enjoying showing her things. The thought of what Kynan and I could do to her in The Silo while people watch is enough to give me a hard-on even though I’m more worried about Trista right now than anything.

This I don’t understand, because as I said, I don’t know much about the woman.

But here is what I do know.

Trista is the sister of the man I hate most in the world, and she’s collecting on a favor I unequivocally owe him.

She’s gorgeous and sexy and funny and smart, and since I first put my mouth between her legs, I haven’t looked at another woman.

She also has family she cares about… a niece who is in the hospital, and by what I could glean from listening to Trista’s end of the conversation, it wasn’t the first time. I know it was her mom who called her because she kept saying it, but I don’t know whose kid it is. It must be another sibling of Trista’s… a sister or brother who has a child. It’s not Jayce because that fucker hated kids, and I doubt that’s changed over the years.

I’m not sure why Trista having a sick niece bugs me so much, other than it’s making her more of a real human and that’s creating some guilt issues for the way in which I’m using her.

The thought of just going to Mercy hospital crosses my mind briefly. I can be impetuous at times, but I doubt Trista could find fault with me seeking her out because I’m say… worried about my employee, right?

But I quickly quash that because of two very important things. First and foremost, I doubt this niece is Jayce’s, but there is a chance he could be at the hospital. I don’t want to be anywhere near that bastard ever again because I might kill him. More importantly, however, I cannot give credence to any thought that Trista is anything but a good lay I’m going to continue fucking until her time here is up. If I reach out with an ounce of interest in her personally, it could dissuade me from my plans for revenge against Jayce, and I’m not willing to give that up no matter how intriguing the woman is.

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