There’s a short knock on my door, and then Kynan walks in. He looks mellow and relaxed, and if I had to guess, he just got laid nicely. He flops down in one of the guest chairs, stretching his legs out in front of him and settles his clasped hands over his belly.

“What’s up?” he asks.

“Not much,” I tell him as I glance down at my phone again. I know a text didn’t come in because I would have heard it, but just in case. “What are you up to?”

“Just got an amazing blow job from some tourist chick visiting from Nebraska or somewhere like that,” he says with a wide and very pleased grin. “She’s here for a bachelorette party. In fact, there’s a group of about twenty of them if you want to get in on that action.”

“Not tonight,” I say brusquely as I pull some papers out of my lateral file drawer so it looks like I’m busy. “Got too much to do.”

“Bullshit,” Kynan says, and his sparkling eyes say it all. Still, he makes sure to rub my face in it. “You’ve only got one girl on your mind. I noticed she’s not here tonight.”

Kynan sounds way too confident to make that assertion, so I ask, “What makes you think that?”

“Lydia at the hostess stand heard it from Carma who heard it from Jose that he saw her coming out of your apartment this morning looking thoroughly fucked and satisfied. And this is big news, of course, because everyone knows you never take women into your apartment and you don’t do repeats.”

“Jesus,” I mutter as I rake my fingers through my hair in agitation. “Don’t the people around here have anything better to do than gossip?”

“Not when you’re like the most wanted man around here,” Kynan says with a chuckle, “as well as being the most elusive.”

“So I like to fuck her,” I say with a shrug. “What’s the big deal if I was super horny last night and wanted to go several rounds?”

“Because you’ve been super horny before and gone several rounds with a variety of women all in a single night in your club,” he says, further rubbing my nose into the fact I’ve really stepped outside my boundaries.

The “whooping” sound of an incoming text takes my attention and I grab my phone, relieved to see a text from Trista. All is fine. Headed home from hospital and will be in to work tomorrow at regular time.

I want to text her back and tell her to come here instead of going home, but that’s selfish. She should be with her niece or getting rest at least. I merely respond, See you tomorrow.

“What’s up?” Kynan asks as he nods toward my phone. “You look agitated and relieved at the same time.”

“Trista’s niece was in the hospital and she had to leave,” I say as nonchalantly as I can. “She was just telling me she’d be in to work tomorrow.”

But the fucker was right. I was agitated I wouldn’t see her, but relieved nothing serious was going on. The knowing look in Kynan’s eyes says he is amused by my reactions. He was a human intelligence officer with the Royal Marines, and he knows how to read body language and facial expressions. He could have an entire conversation with me without me opening my mouth to stay a word.

So to knock him off his high horse a bit, I tell him, “I want you to do a three-way with me and Trista.”

I take immense satisfaction when his jaw drops open. “A three-way? With you and Trista?”

Trying not to sound too smug, I tell him, “Just because I’ve fucked her exclusively for a few days doesn’t mean we’re exclusive.”

“And she’s on board with this?” he asks skeptically.

Not about to tell him it’s her fantasy. I’m doing this because I want to indulge her in something she’d probably never have the guts to do. While I’ve shared plenty of women with Kynan before, I can’t say as I’m overly happy about it, but if I had to choose one man, it would be him. I go vague when I say, “I mentioned it to her last night and she’s interested. Are you?”

“I’m interested if you say it’s okay for me to be interested.” The hesitation in his voice causes my eyebrows to narrow.

“Jesus Christ, Kynan,” I say with frustration, and even though I know this is probably a lie, I tell him emphatically, “She is nothing to me right now but a really great piece of ass. One I’m offering to share with you. If you don’t want in, just say so.”

Kynan never hesitates. “Oh, I want in. She’s sexy as hell. I’ve wanted a taste of that since you had me hold her for you the other night.”

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