Or because he’s been with me more than once, now the other women have hope he’s broadening his horizons and will be back to them at some point.

God, I hope not. Our agreement is for sex-only, but I really don’t want to see him with one of the staff. As well as I’ve done trying to shield myself, I still know it’s going to hurt.

“Look, Trista,” Marcy says, her voice actually soft. “Woman to woman… don’t get caught up in what he does to you. He does it to everyone he’s with. He loves it so much he’s going to do it with a lot more women before he dies. That’s just the type of man he is.”

I can’t tell whether she’s being sarcastic or genuinely polite, so I just nod and walk away. I don’t want to get into a further discussion with her about Jerico’s sexual habits.

When I reach his office, I knock on the door and wait for him to invite me in. When he does, I give a quick swipe of my hands on my dress—nervous habit because of periodic sweaty palms—and open the door.

As soon as I see Kynan sitting on one of the guest chairs and Jerico’s wicked smile, my palms go wet again.

My voice practically croaks. “You wanted to see me?”

Jerico stands up from behind his desk, rounds it, and comes up to me. His gaze rakes down me briefly before he takes my hand and leads me to the other chair beside Kynan. I sit down and clamp my legs together nervously, tugging at the hem of my dress. Kynan just gives me a genial smile, but my head snaps back to Jerico when he says, “We both want to see you.”

He’s leaning against his desk, his ass perched on the edge with his hands casually tucked into his pockets. The look in his eyes is almost predatory, and I can feel lustful vibes coming off him. I turn to look at Kynan again, but gone is his friendly look. His eyes are dark with desire as well.

I look back to Jerico and try to square my shoulders. “This is it, huh?”

“This is it,” Jerico says with a smile. “If you still want it. I know we talked about it the other night, but there’s no pressure. You say ‘no’, we go about our business for the night.”

I wonder what that means? Does it mean Jerico and Kynan will find another woman to share? Or not that I really care about what Kynan does, but will Jerico?

“Will we be here?” I ask tentatively, thinking the desk looks solid. “Or your apartment?”

Jerico shakes his head, his eyes glinting with dark mischief. “The Silo, Trista. I told you I want people to watch you get pleasured by two men.”

“Oh, God,” I mutter as my gaze drops to the floor, and then pops back up to Jerico. “Oh, God. I don’t know. I mean… I want to. God, I want to. But I’m scared, and nervous and embarrassed, and I wouldn’t even know what to do, and really… do we have to do it in The Silo for my first time? Can’t we just do this in privacy?”

Jerico just shakes his head, cutting off my rant. “Push past those boundaries, Trista. Dare yourself. Trust me… it will be so much better.”

I swallow hard and just stare at the gorgeous man who is telling me to take a walk on the wild side and get naked with him and Kynan in front of not only just strangers who come to the club, but hell… my coworkers now. I know it’s probably not a big deal as most of them practically live here when they’re not working but still… this is a big deal to me.

“That’s easy for you to say,” I murmur. “You’ve done everything you can think of. I’m sure Kynan has too.”

“We’re adventurous,” Kynan says with a grin. “And come on… it’s sex. It feels great. You really can’t lose if you know what I mean.”

“There’s nothing to fear,” Jerico reassures me, and something strikes me from our conversation that night when we were talking about fantasies. I asked him if he’d ever been with a man. This was after he told me how two women together was like every man’s spank bank go-to.

Jerico had chuckled as his finger ran down my arm. We were on our sides, lying in the bed and facing each other. “Every person has their limits, Trista. I guess mine is that I don’t do guys.”

Made sense to me, so we’d moved on to a weird conversation about BDSM. I’m not into it and thankfully neither is Jerico, but he knew a lot about it since so many patrons practice it.

I narrow my eyes at Jerico. “You want me to push past my boundaries, huh?”

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