“That’s right,” he says smoothly. “Piece of cake.”

My lips curl up and they do so in such a way that Jerico’s smile slides off his face.

“Okay, then,” I say as I relax in my chair and cross one leg over the other. “You told me this is my fantasy, right?”

Jerico nods and Kynan leans forward in his chair, sensing from the vibe in the air that this is going to get interesting.

“Then I want you to push your boundaries too,” I say smugly.

“What did you have in mind?” he asks tightly.

I jerk my head toward Kynan but never take my eyes from Jerico’s, which are looking slightly unnerved right now. “I’d like you and Kynan to fool around with each other to start. Get me a little worked up that way.”

“Fucking Christ,” Jerico mutters. He looks to Kynan with a very clear and simple plea for him to say “no” to this idea.

Kynan shrugs and grins. “I’m in. I’ll try anything once.”

“Bastard,” Jerico mutters again, and then points out to Kynan, “This wouldn’t be a first for you.”

“It would with you,” he says back with almost a cackle of a laugh, and I’m in awe as Jerico goes red in the face.

Very interesting. Kynan swings both ways apparently, and Jerico seems as nervous about Kynan touching him as I am about being with the two of them in The Silo.

I think I might be able to get my way after all, so I stand up from my chair and walk up to Jerico. Placing my hand on the knot of his tie, I give it a playful tug. “I’ll let you off the hook and won’t require any hanky-panky with you and Kynan if we can do this in the privacy of your apartment.”

Kynan chuckles behind me, but my eyes are pinned on Jerico’s. His jaw hardens as he considers my offer, and then my stomach clenches when his lips curl upward. “Tonight’s about pushing boundaries. Guess I’ll push one of my own too. Let’s get your pretty ass over to The Silo so we can get started.”

My knees start shaking and my heart hammers within my chest. My panties go wet. I realize not only is this going to happen, but it’s going to happen publicly and it’s also going to involve some Kynan-on-Jerico action.

Jerico takes me by the elbow to escort me to The Silo with Kynan following right behind.

The minute I step across the threshold of The Silo, I figure the only way I’m going to get through this is to shed Trista Barnes completely and step through as a new person without any inhibitions. I vow I won’t look at another person in the room because ignorance is bliss. If I can’t see them, then I can pretend they aren’t interested in me.

So I become just an anonymous girl looking for a wild ride with two gorgeous men. I prefer to think of us as strangers. After tonight, things will go on as usual. I won’t be ridden with any guilt or embarrassment, and I might even come away with a little pride in myself for being so daring.

Jerico leads me to a door that goes to a hallway that wraps around the perimeter behind the glassed rooms. The wall that separates the rooms from the hall are solid, so this is the only place where there’s a measure of privacy. When we reach a door I assume is our destination, Jerico stops and turns to me. “You okay?”

I nod and hope it’s enough because my throat seems constricted.

But I can’t help the long, wet moan that comes out when Jerico grabs Kynan by the wrist and pushes his hand between my legs. They spread involuntarily as Jerico orders him, “Check to see if she’s wet.”

Kynan’s fingers only rub over the crotch of my panties in a gentle move, but a rumbling sound of appreciation from him proves I’m wet. My cheeks flame hot, but I manage to whisper, “What can I say… the prospect of watching you two together really turns me on.”

Jerico grunts in acknowledgment, but I can tell he’s not liking that part. I can’t wait to see what happens.

We enter the room, and I refuse to look at the glass wall that faces the interior of The Silo. I pretend no one is out there and it seems to work. My nerves are in check and I look around the room, noticing it’s the one with the raised bed with silver satin sheets tonight.

When the door closes, Kynan says, “This is your fantasy, Trista. Tell us what to do.”

My gaze goes to Jerico. Even though he’s on edge over what I might have him and Kynan do, he’s also radiating pure lust as he looks at me. I turn to look at Kynan and appreciate his magnificence as well. He’s about an inch or two shorter than Jerico, and he’s the light to Jerico’s dark. His hair is sandy blond, cut short, and he sports a goatee that’s just a shade darker. His eyes are deep brown, but warm and always seem to be filled with easygoing humor, whereas Jerico always looks so intense and ready to do battle with the world.

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