I give a slight cough to clear my throat. “I want you two to undress first, and if you wanted to… you know… sort of help each other, that wouldn’t be an undesirable thing.”

Jerico curses under his breath and his hands bunch into fists, but he looks resolved. Kynan looks amused.


I’m quivering over this, deciding to get a front-row seat to watch. I’ll never again have this type of power over two men at the same time. Hell, I’m not even sure I want this power again, but while I have it, I’m going to enjoy it. I crawl up onto the bed and perch myself with my back resting against the headboard. My legs stretch out, cross over each other, and I settle in to watch.

Both men first dispense with their shoes and socks, which I appreciate. Nothing worse than a sexy striptease with awkward hopping around to get the shoes off.

Jerico doesn’t wait for Kynan to make a move, but instead works on his own shirt. It hits me suddenly that he’s not in his trademark business suit, but rather dressed in a dark gray T-shirt with a V-neck and jeans. He’s got on a worn, black belt that’s seen better days. I had no clue Jerico could be so casual. My tongue almost falls out of my mouth as he pulls the shirt over his head. That chest, his abs, the light dusting of hair… he’s all man and I start to ache for him.

Kynan takes his shirt off as well. It’s a button down and he takes his time with the task, watching me the entire time. He’s built a little bigger than Jerico even though he’s not as tall. As he’s revealed to me, I suck in a breath because his body is beautiful in a different way. It’s covered from collarbone to waist in tattoos and they run down his arms as well. There is well-defined muscle, meaning this guy works out seriously hard, but the tattoos… I’ve always been a sucker for them. Add on the British accent and well… this is just freaking awesome.

Dropping his shirt to the floor, Kynan turns to Jerico and says, “Give the lady something, dude. Take my jeans off.”

Jerico again curses under his breath, but he doesn’t hesitate. And more importantly, he doesn’t rush through it either. This may be pushing his boundaries, but he’s going slowly so I can savor this and for the first time since knowing Jerico, I feel a rush of genuine affection for him.

Kynan’s belt comes off, and Jerico’s big hands work the button and zipper. Kynan’s head is bent, watching what Jerico does. His abs flex and relax as the zipper is lowered, then flex hard again, showing he owns a six pack as well when Jerico’s thumbs go into the waistband of Kynan’s briefs so he can pull them down with his jeans.

My breath catches as Jerico slowly lowers his body along with the clothing as he drags it down Kynan’s muscular legs, which I give a passing glance to, but my eyes go back to what’s in between those legs. He’s semi-hard and a big boy. If I take him and Jerico tonight, I’m going to be sore for sure tomorrow. Kynan steps out of his jeans and briefs. As Jerico starts to rise, Kynan takes his cock in his hand and starts to stroke it. Jerico doesn’t spare him a glance, but his mouth comes awful close to the tip of Kynan’s shaft. Kynan did that on purpose to make him uncomfortable. He’s getting a kick out of this going by the devilish gleam in his eyes.

“My turn,” Kynan says, his voice husky which I’m sure is deliberate. He takes the same care in removing Jerico’s jeans and boxers, squatting down at his feet as he sheds out of the clothing.

Cutting his eyes to me briefly, Kynan gives me a wicked grin. As he starts to stand up, he wraps his big hand around Jerico’s cock, which had also been half-hard.

Jerico jumps in surprise as he says, “What the fu—?”

But then his head falls back and he releases a guttural moan as Kynan starts to stroke him.

Oh, wow. Just… wow, wow, wow.

I raise quickly to my knees and crawl down the bed to get closer to the two men. Sitting back on my calves, I watch as Kynan roughly strokes and squeezes Jerico’s dick. It grows, lengthens, and then starts to leak at the tip. Jerico’s eyes are closed tight, his mouth parted and his chest rising and falling quickly. A terrible pulse of yearning hits me square between my legs, causing me to squirm.

My gaze turns to Kynan to see his eyes are burning with lust. Not a true and genuine interest in Jerico’s body, but because he’s doing something unbelievably dirty and taboo, and that’s mainly because they are best of friends and coworkers, and oh yeah… Jerico is as hetero as they come.

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