Suddenly, Kynan reaches out to grab my forearm and he drags me forward a bit, pushing my hand against Jerico’s cock.

“Take it,” he says gruffly. I do as he says, forgetting this is my fantasy and I’m in charge. When I give a tentative stroke, Jerico’s hips push forward to thrust into my fist. At the same time, Kynan goes to his knees. Before I can even drop my mouth open in astonishment or Jerico can protest, he opens his mouth and takes Jerico’s cock deep inside.

“Jesus fuck,” Jerico groans and I can’t tell whether he likes it or not. I drop my hand away and Kynan pulls him into his mouth deeper, his own hands going to Jerico’s ass where his fingers dig into the muscle.

I lean back on my calves and watch, completely fascinated, thoroughly titillated, and wondering what will happen next if I don’t tell Kynan to stop.



I’m going to motherfucking kill Kynan after this is all over.

“Goddamn, that feels good,” I mutter as he sucks hard.

Maybe I won’t kill him, but I’ll lay into him for sure. I don’t do dudes.

Except apparently right now because Trista wanted it, I’m letting my best buddy blow me and everyone in The Silo is watching through the glass windows. This is definitely something they’ve never seen me do before, and they better get a good eyeful because I won’t be doing it again.

Soft hands touch my shoulders, then one goes to my jaw. It’s Trista turning my face toward her. Her mouth comes to mine for a feathery kiss over my lips, and she whispers, “You breaking boundaries is beautiful to watch.”

I groan again as the tip of my cock punches into Kynan’s throat, and while it feels fucking amazing, I want to move on to the part where we both give Trista pleasure.

“Baby,” I rasp out. “Let’s move this all to the bed, okay?”

She pulls her head back a bit and looks at me, and I know she can see it in my eyes. This feels good, but I don’t want to blow my load right now. Kynan will never let me live it down.

Offering me a smile, she reaches a hand down and threads her fingers through Kynan’s hair as he bobs in front of me, clearly getting into it. “Kynan… that’s enough.”

He makes a sound… a chuckle or maybe a rumble of regret, but he pulls off me in one long stroke and licks his lips. I’m fucking hard as a rock and never in a million years would I have thought another man could do that to me.

“Undress me,” Trista murmurs, and I turn to her. Kynan stands. As I work the zipper at the back of her dress, Kynan pulls the material up her body and over her head. She kneels before us on the satin-covered mattress in a simple black lacy bra and panties. And, of course, some killer high heels we may take off later but not right now.

Trista isn’t the first woman Kynan and I have shared, and it’s probably obvious by how well we work together. Kynan removes her bra and I pull her panties down her legs, letting her lie back so I can pull them free.

Then she’s before us, gloriously naked except for those sexy-as-fuck shoes and a lovely blush across her cheeks and the top of her breasts. My cock is still amazingly hard. A quick glance at Kynan tells me he’s locked and loaded as well. He reaches down to his pants and pulls out a few condoms, tossing them on the bed.

I bend over and run my hand up the inside of Trista’s leg, stopping before I get to the apex. “What do you want, Trista?”

She stares at me a long moment, her amber eyes filled with uncertainty and longing. She worries at her lower lip with her teeth, and I can tell she’s stalled somewhat now that she’s laying down naked and vulnerable.

“What me to lead?” I ask her gently, moving my hand and brushing my fingers through her swollen folds. She’s wet as I’d expected because I know she was totally turned on by Kynan sucking my cock.

She nods her head, those eyes going lighter and her smile turning grateful.

“Get up on your hands and knees,” I tell her. “I’d like your mouth on me as it’s way softer than Kynan’s.”

He grins at me as Trista does what I say, crawling down to me at the end of the bed. Kynan winks at me as he walks toward the headboard. “That was the best blow job you’ve ever had.”

Yeah, pretty sure it wasn’t. It was nice, felt fucking phenomenal, but it wasn’t the best. Certainly was plain dull compared to what Trista can do with her mouth.

My hand goes to my dick, and I hold it for Trista as she reaches me. She opens her mouth, eyes turned up to capture my gaze as she takes me in deep.

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