“Mmm,” I moan out a praise as she pulls off before sucking me back in. “That’s it.”

I look up briefly at Kynan, and his head tilts toward Trista’s backside in question. I give him a nod, giving him clearance to work on her from that angle.

Fingers threaded deep in Trista’s hair, I let her move slowly on me, feeling the warmth of her mouth and the slight rasp of her tongue on the underside of my cock. She’s working me a bit faster now, completely into it, and I know she wants me to come, but fuck if I’m ready. Kynan puts a knee to the bed, then another, and his hands go to Trista’s hips. She jerks slightly, and then moans long and hard as his hand goes between her legs to play with her. I can’t see exactly what he’s doing, but it’s thrown her off pace. For a few moments, her mouth just opens wide as she moans and my cock slips out.

“Jerico, man,” Kynan says thickly, his hand making a pumping motion. “She is fucking drenched.”

Trista arches her back as Kynan does something to her, and she cries out in pleasure. I’m guessing he hit her clit and I just watch as he works her over, bringing her to a quick orgasm with just his hand.

Trista huffs and puffs, her head hanging low and her hair falling forward. But then she raises back up and looks at me. “Give me your dick again.”

So I do.

Slide it right back into her mouth and let her set the pace.

Kynan busies himself with suiting up, easily getting a condom on. The dude certainly likes foreplay but I think after blowing me for a bit and then getting Trista off, his balls have to be turning blue.

Crawling closer to her on his knees, he takes his cock in hand and starts to push into her from behind. Trista goes still, holding my dick in her mouth as she rotates her hips a little. Kynan makes short pumping movements with his hips, and Trista grunts in response as he goes deeper each time. It is sexy as fuck watching her take it from Kynan while my dick is just sitting in her slack mouth.

When Kynan thinks she’s ready, he slams his hips forward and buries himself into her deep. She cries out, the vibrations of it rumbling through my cock. My hands go to her head, tilting it so she looks at me. Her eyes are glazed over, and she’s in the throes of passion right now.

Giving her a smile, I start doing the work for her, fucking her mouth slowly while Kynan pounds her from behind. I take my time, sometimes pausing so Trista can relax and just feel Kynan’s dick. When he slows down a bit, I push into her throat a time or two. Kynan and I make a dynamic duo fucking her at both ends. When my balls start to tingle, I pull all the way out, not wanting to spend that way. Instead, I merely watch as Kynan fucks my girl.



Our girl.

Anyone’s girl.

Not my girl.

And even as I struggle to figure out why my mind went there, I start to feel a little kernel of jealousy as I watch Trista completely lose herself to Kynan’s dick. He’s taking her thoroughly, even dropping a hand to rub in between her legs and Trista starts thrusting back onto him.

Kynan’s close. I can tell by the way he’s practically lurching into her body. Trista throws her head back, her hair beautifully cascading against her back as she screams out another climax. It sets Kynan off. He falls onto her, ramming in deep and grinding against her ass as she lays beneath him on the mattress. He comes silently but his face tightens in ecstasy, so I know it feels good to him.

Even as Kynan’s grinding and Trista’s panting under him, I’m wanting my turn.

Wanting to stake the final claim.

I put a condom on and walk around the side of the bed. Giving Kynan a poke in the ribs, I say, “Roll off her, brother. It’s my turn.”

“Yes,” I hear Trista whisper and with a groan, Kynan rolls in the opposite direction of me, pulling the condom off his spent dick.

I waste no time. After I climb onto the mattress, I pull Trista’s hips up and position myself. I give her a moment to come up to her hands, but then I slam into her. She cries my name out, and my chest expands with pride. She didn’t do that when Kynan entered her.

She fucking feels so good, is taking a double fucking like a champ, and she’s already come twice. I want her to come again. I have to make her come again.

I slow my pace a bit, rolling my hips and rooting myself to the hilt each time. Trista moans in frustration, wanting it harder. The girl loves harder, and I love that too. I love rough, raunchy sex that is bound to leave bruises and bite marks, but I need to get her worked up again. When I pull out of her, she growls at me, “Don’t stop.”

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