“Shh,” I tell her gently as I bring a hand between her legs. She’s wet, swollen, and so fucking warm. I press two fingers into her, collect her juices, and then make pressing circles around her clit. I do this repeatedly until she’s thrashing under me and I know she’s close. Twisting my hand, I stick my thumb into her wet cunt and press against her inner wall while my fingers massage that tight bundle of nerves.

“Oh, God. Jerico… I’m so close,” Trista chants. “So fucking close.”

That’s what I wanted to hear. My hand is gone, my cock is slamming back into her, and because I want to get down and dirty with this beautiful, adventurous creature, I push my thumb into her ass.

She detonates and by that, I mean she screams and her pussy contracts on my dick and her ass on my thumb. As her orgasm rumbles through her, I fuck her harder than I’ve ever fucked a woman before. My balls ache as they swing back and forth. The front of my thighs sound like thunderclaps as they crack against the back of hers. I pull my thumb out, push it back in again, and Trista clenches harder around me, crying out in relief, pleasure, and perhaps even misery over how good it feels.

And that does it for me. Knowing I did that to her, my balls pull up. They feel like they’re boiling with a need to burst. I slide deep into Trista, rotate my hips, and start to come.

Hot jets burst out of my dick, filling the condom. I’d give anything to have filled her pussy up instead. Yes, I want to fuck her bare and in every hole she’ll take my dick. As I grind against her ass, shuddering my pleasure, I want to coat her skin with my semen. I want to come on her ass, then use it as lube to fuck her there. Or come on her pussy and make her rub herself to orgasm using it as lube.

“Fuck,” I mutter to myself over these goddamn insane thoughts. Who thinks like this? Who wants to fucking mark a woman with their spunk?

I think I’m losing it, and maybe Trista is a fire I shouldn’t be playing with. But as she sighs in pleasure underneath me and I can still feel my cock thumping inside of her, I’m pretty sure I’m willing to get burned to see where this goes.

“Can you close the curtains?” Trista mumbles, but it’s loud enough that Kynan moves across the expanse of the room toward the glass wall and pulls them shut. Most of the people who had been watching had already dispersed, and I wonder what Trista thought of them.

Reluctantly, I push off her and pull out, hating the loss of warmth. She rolls onto her back, drapes her arm over her forehead, and grins at me. “That was wild.”

I grin back at her, my chest loosening. I hadn’t realized I’d been tense wondering what her reaction would be once it was over. “It didn’t bother you to have all those people watching you get thoroughly fucked by two men?”

She grins back at me. “Did it bother you as they watched Kynan suck your dick?”

“Nope,” I tell her, because while that shit was as uncomfortable as it felt good, I’ve never been embarrassed about showing my sexuality. It was nothing those people haven’t seen before, although I might get hit on by some men now, I guess.

“Well, I didn’t look out that glass wall once. I just pretended no one was there, and I’d like to keep it that way,” she says as she raises up to her elbows, her fabulous breasts, which had been sorely neglected, thrusting outward. I reach out to pluck at her nipple, and she sucks in a breath.

“Stay with me tonight, okay?” I ask her softly. Not soft enough, as Kynan lets out a bit of a cough and moves over to his clothes to start dressing again.

Trista cocks an eyebrow at me. “You want me to stay the night with you again?”

“I’m not done with you yet.” Going to my hands and knees, I hover over her. “I loved watching you take two men at once. With that image in my mind, I think it’s going to be another long night for us.”

She raises her eyes and looks off to the side, contemplating loudly with a “hmm” and a finger touching her chin. Looking back to me, she says, “Okay. I can do that.”

And my dick gives a little jump of excitement. It just emptied my nuts less than five minutes ago… but it wants her again already.



It’s as odd laying in Jerico’s bed tonight as it was last night. Maybe even more so since I’d fucked two men tonight. At the same time.

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