“I thought she was going on vacation to Montego Bay with her new boyfriend.” The acrimony in my tone is almost laughable.

“And she just never came back?”

“I’m going to kill her if she ever does for the pain she’s put Corinne through,” I snarl as my anger level starts to rise.

“Easy there, tiger,” Jerico says gently as his hand starts stroking my back. “How do you know something bad hasn’t happened to her?”

“Because she calls to check in.” I raise my head, shifting my body so I can look at him. “I think she’s on drugs or something. Sounds half out of her mind, but at least she calls to check on Corinne. If she sounds sober, I let her talk to her for a little bit.”

“You care for her a lot,” Jerico observes. “I saw how you reacted when you got the call. You were calm, but I could see the fear in your eyes.”

“There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for that little girl,” I say softly as I turn my head and lay it back down on his chest. “She’s mine for all intents and purposes.”

Jerico doesn’t say anything for a moment, but then I feel his body go tight under mine. He surges upward, bringing me with him. One arm goes around my waist and his eyes narrow at me, “That’s why you needed the money from a loan shark, isn’t it?”

“I told you it was a family emergency,” I remind him.

“So Corinne doesn’t have insurance?” he asks.

I shake my head. “And to do the surgery, the hospital wanted a deposit, although the surgeon was very nice and agreed on a payment plan. I had some money in my 401K I was able to pull out, but it wasn’t quite enough.”

“By thirteen thousand dollars,” he says in a deep, rumbling voice that’s filled with anger on my behalf. “And that turned into the twenty-five thousand that you owe.”

I shrug. “I’d do it all again under the same circumstances. She had to have that surgery. It wasn’t elective. If she threw that blood clot, she would have died.”

Jerico’s eyes go a little flat, his voice sounding slightly dull when he asks, “What about Jayce? He couldn’t help?”

“We’re not all that close,” I tell him honestly but without elaboration. I’m not about to tell him that Jayce doesn’t give a shit about his niece, and he most certainly doesn’t for me as evidenced by the bruise he left. I’m not quite sure what the nature of the relationship was between Jerico and Jayce, but I’m afraid if Jerico gets pissed at Jayce for any reason, he may decide he doesn’t owe that favor after all and then I’m screwed.

Before Jerico can ask more questions, I turn the tables to satisfy some of my own curiosity. “You just got some personal information from me so I want some quid pro quo.”

Jerico gives me a fiendish smile and tries to push me down onto the bed, his thoughts now controlled by his dick I’m sure. But I stand strong and keep my seat, pushing his hands off me. “It’s only fair.”

I wait to see if this will piss him off, but he just shrugs and lays back on the pillow. He puts his hands behind his head. The sheet just barely covers his pelvis. My eyes slide up his body—over those amazing, impeccably defined abs and up to his face where he’s grinning at me. “What do you want to know?”

“Well, for starters—”

I gasp as Jerico’s hands come to my hips and in a suave but forceful move, he pulls me over his lap so I’m straddling him.

I’m a bit self-conscious so I start to pull the sheet over to at least cover my lap, but his hand grabs a hold of it and he shakes his head. “You want answers, you have to sit on me like that with your legs spread wide.”

I swallow hard as his hands come to my thighs, and then I get all squirmy when his gaze drops to my pussy. My breath freezes in my lungs when he gently runs a finger up my center and comments, “Look at you… all swollen and even a little red. Are you sore?”

When he raises his eyes for my answer, I shake my head, even though I am a little.

He smiles at me, his face saying he knows I lied, then he moves his hands back to my thighs. “Okay… you got ten minutes to ask me whatever you want, then I’m going to have you sit on my face and I’m going to give you a very gentle orgasm. Sound good?”

I croak at him, “Uh-huh.”

And I pray I don’t start leaking all over him just from his promise.

“Clock’s running,” he teases as he grips my thighs a little harder.

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