It’s weird. I didn’t mind fucking her last night in The Silo and people watching us, but when she’s out there working, she’s too stunning by half and she gets hit on a lot.

I don’t like it.

I’m avoiding The Social Room and Trista because I want to make a point to myself. I’m too wrapped up in this girl and it freaks me out. Since Michelle, I knew I’d never trust another again with my heart. So owning a sex club and fucking different women each night has maintained my position on that matter. I’m on the prowl tonight as I want to prove Trista’s not the only game in town and that there are a lot of other women in this club who would interest me.

I hit The Silo first and note all the rooms are taken. There’s a beautiful girl in the stocks and a line of men waiting to fuck her. That has potential for sure, but nothing else in here is even making my dick stir. The Orgy Room has several potentials, but I only peek my head in for a moment. It’s the same thing each night. Naked bodies tangled and writhing, the sounds of moans and slapping skin and the occasional cry of pleasure when someone climaxes. Lastly, I check out The Waterfall Room, but it’s my least favorite by far. I like fucking in a lot of places but water isn’t one of them, and forget about laying under the waterfall, even though it seems very popular. I don’t want to be busy wiping water out of my eyes when I’m trying to keep my attention on the beautiful woman underneath me. Walking quickly through The Waterfall Room, I step out onto The Deck, which is my second favorite place to fuck.

The Deck is so much more than just an outdoor deck. It’s a place where you can get a drink or a snack at one of the two large cabanas stands outside, but what really sets your teeth on edge when you step out is that the entire deck is made of a thick, clear, acrylic-like flooring that lets you see forty-six stories down. There are also clear acrylic chaises to fuck on. There’s nothing like fucking a woman on her back while seemingly floating in the air. It’s also not for the faint of heart or those with a fear of heights.

The perimeter of the deck has a ten-foot plexiglass wall that is one-way. The people on the Deck can see out, but those in Vegas can’t see in. While The Onyx isn’t the tallest casino in Vegas, the way it’s situated on the strip, no building stands over it so privacy is pretty much guaranteed unless a chopper flies over. All the glass is one-way, which provides the necessary cover so we don’t violate public nudity laws. The bottom side of the clear deck is covered with reflective material, which also has a one-way effect, so someone on the ground with binoculars can’t get a free peep show by looking up. A lot of thought went into this deck before we had it built.

I love the adrenaline rush of being so high in the air and looking down at the Vegas lights below. Makes my cock extra hard.

There’s a gorgeous woman standing at the outdoor bar, her eyes pinned on me. She’s vaguely familiar, and I’m pretty sure we’ve got carnal knowledge of each other. She raises her glass of wine and tilts her head toward the bar… an invitation to come join her.

I think about it for a split second, but dismiss the idea completely. Giving her an apologetic shake of my head, I move back into The Waterfall Room, through it, and out into the hallway. I have an immediate need to see Trista… to see if I have a sexual reaction to the sight of her, because nothing I’ve seen so far has interested me. Either I’ve got it bad for just one girl, or my dick is broken. Neither choice is all that great to me.

I head to The Social Room and make myself look everywhere but the hostess stand to judge the clientele. The bar isn’t overly crowded as it’s late, meaning most have moved back into the other rooms. A couple of people are mingling with drinks, but they’ll soon move to a back room where the clothes can come off and orgasms can be made.

Finally, I slide my gaze over to the podium where Trista is standing, wearing another sexy black dress I’d provided for her and that glorious hair hanging in layered waves over her shoulders and down her back.

And I definitely get a reaction.

Not only does my dick start to thicken, anger suffuses through me. It flashes so hot sweat breaks out on my forehead.

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