Because Kynan is standing with Trista, and it looks like they’re engaged in an intimate talk that they’re both enjoying. Kynan’s got an elbow on the top of the podium, one leg crossed over the other. Trista’s bent over slightly, resting her forearms on the desk portion of the stand, which reveals an obscene amount of cleavage. They’re standing very close to each other, but what enrages me is the looks on their faces. Trista’s laughing at something Kynan says, and then she reaches out and gives a playful punch to his chest. Kynan’s grinning at her with a bit of a predatory sparkle in his eye, and he catches her hand before she pulls it away. He says something to her, and she gives a bashful smile and a shake of her head before pulling her hand free. But then he says something else, and she’s laughing again.

She’s fucking completely comfortable with him. No embarrassment over the fact he fucked her yesterday with me along for the ride. If I had to take a guess at what Kynan’s doing right now, he’s hitting on her strongly. No doubt wanting to fuck her tonight.

Yes, Trista and I agreed this was an open relationship and each of us could do whatever we wanted, but apparently, my sense of outrage and the caveman-like possessiveness that’s welled up inside of me doesn’t give a shit about what we said. She’s been in my bed for two nights, and I liked it a lot. While what we did last night with Kynan was hot as all get out, I don’t want her fucking him without me there.

Possibly never fucking him again.

Fuck, I’m screwed up in the head.

I stalk over to the podium, my long legs eating up the distance quickly. Trista sees me first, her eyes dancing with humor and her smile wide at whatever Kynan just said. I’m not sure what my face looks like but her smile slides right off when she sees me. Kynan sees it, turns toward me, and merely gives a chin lift. “What’s up, man?”

“I need a word with you,” I grit out at Kynan, the fury evident in my voice. I feel strangely in the right here to be angry, even though I know my display of temper makes me look foolish.

This is confirmed when Kynan smirks at me before turning to Trista. “Talk to you later, darlin’.”

“Bye, Kynan,” she says softly… with affection… and is that desire?

I turn on my heel and walk out of The Social Room, down the private hall and into my office. Kynan follows behind. The minute I hear him close the door, I turn on him. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“What do you mean?” he says innocently, but he’s still wearing that smirk.

“You know what I mean,” I growl at him. “Trista’s off limits to you.”

“She wasn’t last night,” he points out. “And besides, since when do you care about monogamy? I guarantee you don’t have any exclusive agreement with her.”

“That’s beside the point—” I start to say, but Kynan cuts me off.

“It’s exactly the point,” Kynan says and the smirk is now gone. His expression turns serious as he takes a step toward me. “Trista is a nice girl. She’s gorgeous and a dynamite fuck. But she is not your girlfriend, and I’m pretty damn sure she’s nothing more than a dynamite fuck to you as well. So why shouldn’t I take a shot at her?”

“What?” I sneer at him. “Are you offering her monogamy?”

“Fuck no,” Kynan says, horrified. “I love the single life. I’m just saying unless you tell me your relationship is exclusive with her, you’ve got no right to be proprietary.”

“Christ,” I mutter as I turn away from Kynan and rake my fingers through my hair in frustration before whipping back on him. “I’m asking you to stand down and stay away from her unless it’s by my invite to join us.”

Kynan cocks a skeptical eye at me. “You going to tell every guy who’s sniffing around her that?”

“Who’s sniffing around her?” I ask, another flare of anger rushing through me.

“The question is who isn’t?” Kynan says with a knowing look. “People have taken notice of your interest in her, and the men think her pussy must be magical or something.”

My shoulders sag as my gaze drops to the floor in consternation because I realize I have no right to ask any man to stay away from Trista. We agreed this was casual and we could see—well, fuck—other people.

“Jerico,” Kynan says softly, and I look back to him. “You asked me to back down and I’m your best friend, so I will. But if you want others to stay away, that’s Trista’s call, so you better talk to her about this. If you want to be exclusive, just lay it out there to her.”

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