Trista’s eyes soften. The smile she gives me is one of relief. “That is something I can agree to, I believe.”

Leaning in, I give her a soft kiss before pulling back. With total transparency, I tell her, “I’m sorry I was a jackass. I handled it badly.”

“Forgiven,” she says with a smile. “But just out of curiosity, will you be inviting anyone else into our bed?”

My hands release hers and take hold of the hem of her dress. Leaning in, I press a kiss to her neck before pulling back and telling her, “We’ve got three weeks left in our arrangement. I think you and I can come up with plenty of ways to entertain ourselves without involving others, but if we get bored, we can talk about it.”

She smiles, draping her arms over my shoulders. With a glance down at my lips, she whispers, “Then let’s seal the deal.”

I’m all for that. She’s inferring it will be done with a kiss, but I have something a little more wicked in mind.

In one swift move, I pull her dress over her hips and swing her around so her back is to my desk. She gasps when I pick her up and deposit her there before dropping to my knees.

“What are you doing?” she rasps out as I roughly shove her legs apart and pull the crotch of her panties aside.

“Sealing the deal,” I tell her without even looking up.

Then I put my mouth on her, giving her that kiss she wanted, just in a different place.



I come slowly awake, taking in the soft sheets of Jerico’s bed and the pillowy mattress that’s like sleeping on a heavenly cloud. I roll over, open my eyes, and see Jerico’s side of the bed is empty. I can’t help the smile that comes to my face as I remember everything about the last several hours.

How Jerico showed a definite jealousy that he’d never admit out loud, leading to us promising exclusivity until my time is up here. I’m not sure what will happen then, but I know it’s going to be difficult to part ways. As long as Jerico left things casual, I could keep my heart protected. But he’s moved us out of that space and put us straight into a situation where I could get hurt. I don’t think Jerico is relationship material, but I can’t lie and say I’m not hoping something will change. I mean… this beautiful, successful man who is a sex god in every way wants only me right now when he’s normally the whore of the club. I hate for it to mean that much to me, but I’m such a girl… it does.

“You’re awake.” I roll over to see Jerico walking into the bedroom, fully dressed with damp hair. He’s holding a cup of coffee that he sets on the nightstand by me, then sits down on the edge of the bed near my hip.

“How do you feel this morning?” he asks with a self-satisfied, cocky grin.

Bastard should feel cocky. I don’t know how many times he made me come last night. The first time while he had me sit on his desk, then again when he fucked me while I bent over it. After that, he buzzed up Amanda, who was working the podium with me, and told her I wouldn’t be returning.

Caveman Jerico picked me up and brought me to his apartment, where we had sex—I kid you not—three more times. I didn’t know men could do that. It wasn’t successive, one right after the other. But we’d have sex, then talk, doze off and sleep a little. Then he’d wake up, put his hands on me, and it was on again. We repeated that pattern three freaking times, the last time occurring about seven AM. A quick glance at the clock tells me it’s half past one PM now.

I give him a smile. “I feel great.”

“Not sore?” he asks.

“Nope,” I lie.

“So if I stripped down now, climbed between your legs, and shoved my cock in you, would you scream in pain or pleasure?” he asks, and geez… I know he has no intention of doing that because he’s dressed to the nines for business, but damn if the throb between my legs doesn’t want him to.

“I’d scream in pleasure,” I assure him.

He lifts an eyebrow at me as if I’ve wounded his dick’s pride. “Well, to be on the safe side, I’ll manage to wait until tonight to have you again.”

“You’re so kind,” I say dryly, then my brow furrows. “You want me to stay over again?”

By his confused expression, I can tell the question caught him off guard. I think Jerico only knows he’s going to fuck me sometime tonight, but he hadn’t given much thought as to when and where or if he’d invite me to stay.

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