Before he can answer, I sit up in the bed a little more and stop any potential discomfort he’s in from putting him on the spot. “I can’t stay tonight. I promised Corinne we’d do something special all day tomorrow, so I need to get home right after my shift.”

Jerico’s eyes go soft, but I can see a level of disappointment in them. “Of course. Totally understand. Guess I’ll just have to sneak some time in with you while you’re on duty.”

“Sounds good,” I say with a smile as I start to sit up in the bed.

Jerico turns and grabs the coffee, handing it to me. “Cream and one sugar, right?”

I smile brilliantly at him. “Very good.”

“I’m observant,” he says by way of explanation. “That’s how you made your coffee yesterday.”

True enough. We drank coffee together in his kitchen before I headed home to get showered and spend some time with Corinne and Mom before I had to come back to work.

Jerico looks at his watch, and then says, “I’ve got to get going. Got a meeting across town in an hour, and I’ve got some paperwork to finish first.”

He leans over and kisses me. When he pulls back, he doesn’t pull back very far, our noses just inches from each other. “I enjoyed last night.”

Four simple words, and they make me feel all warm and squishy.

“Me too,” I murmur back.

“Okay,” he says with one last quick kiss. “I’m out of here. Take your time leaving. The door will lock behind you.”

“‘Kay,” I mutter as I sip at my coffee and watch his gorgeous backside in tailored navy-blue pants paired with a crisp white dress shirt as he walks out of the room.

When I hear him leave the apartment, I settle into the pillows propped up on the headboard and drink my coffee, contemplating how very strange my life has become. At best, my life could have been called satisfying. I had a respectable job with good benefits working as a receptionist in a dentist’s office, I owned my own home and had a network of causal friends I could hang out with and do fun things. My best friend, Claudia, lives in Germany now as her husband is in the Army and got transferred there, but we text daily, talk on the phone at least once a week, and Skype as well, I mean… life was good.

Of course, there were stressors but aren’t there always? I wasn’t even surprised by Danielle abandoning Corinne. While suddenly becoming a surrogate mom was a little overwhelming, I wouldn’t trade my time with Corinne for anything. In fact, I think she was supposed to be with us at the time Danielle chose to abandon her, because of her illness. My mom and I took far better care of her than Danielle ever could have. I’m ashamed to say that about my sister, but I’m not sure Corinne would have survived if she hadn’t left her behind with us.

With a sigh, I take a sip of coffee and think about Jerico. He took my ordinary life and turned it upside down. Within a week’s time, I went from my most exciting night involving club hopping and maybe having a one-night stand I always regretted the next morning, to a woman who has shamelessly let a man control her entire sexuality.

I let Jerico have sex with me in front of other people.

I let Jerico and Kynan have sex with me in front of other people.

While my face heats up thinking about it, I can’t disregard the fact that the things that have happened to me this week have been the most exhilarating, liberating moments of my life. I’m sad that there’s going to be an end to this. I think I have more awakening left within me. Being in this atmosphere where kink and debauchery are the norm without any judgment makes me want to take advantage of everything Jerico will teach me. And I want that knowing I can leave in a few weeks’ time and never see anyone in this club ever again. It will be like a grand adventure, but one I can easily close the door on when I’m done.

Well, at least I think I could if it weren’t for a gorgeous, orgasmic, charming alpha man who seems to want me.


I don’t want to linger on it anymore. Last night was amazing and tomorrow night will be amazing. But now it’s time for me to go back to my ordinary life. My mom is cool and won’t give me the stink eye for not coming home the last few nights because I’m an adult and she treats me as such. I’ve always made sure she was fine with Corinne, and while I’ve not told her any details about Jerico, I think she’s got some romantic notion I might have found “the one” since I’ve spent three nights with him. But I was telling him the truth about needing to go home tonight as tomorrow is going to be a Corinne day and I want to devote myself to her.

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