Setting my almost-empty cup down on the table, I reluctantly put on my black dress and underwear Jerico had taken off. The club opens at two PM, which one might think is odd and wasted because who wants to go have kinky sex in the middle of the day? But surprisingly, there’s a decent-sized crowd during daylight hours. Mostly people who are seriously into their sexual fantasies and make liberal use of their memberships. I’m sure many are for adulterous liaisons too. The night crowd swells with mainly tourists looking to check off a bucket list item or something. Still, I need to stop in the locker room and get my bag of street clothes I had worn in yesterday before shift as I’d had to come straight here from running errands. Hopefully I can minimize my walk of shame by sneaking in, changing clothes, and hightailing it out of here. It’s no secret Jerico and I are sexually involved, but I still don’t want it flaunted.

I take my cup to the kitchen, rinse it out, and put it in Jerico’s dishwasher. Grabbing my purse, I sling it over my shoulder and head out of his apartment, making sure the door locks behind me. I quickly walk past Jerico’s office and then pop into the locker room to change clothes.

Unfortunately, the room isn’t empty. It’s occupied by three ladies, all who work condiment trays. I don’t know them at all. In fact, I only know two of the women’s names, Wendy and Calista. The work here is fast paced and solitary, so it’s not conducive to forging friendships among employees. After shifts, people rush out, or they may take advantage of the club membership. Either way, I’ve barely said a handful of words to any of these girls, but I give them a friendly smile when I walk in. They’re in the process of getting undressed and had clearly been talking and joking about something, but they went deadly silent when I walked in. They don’t smile back at me.

I ignore them, open my locker, and grab my bag out, heading to one of the dressing rooms. This is a unisex locker room, which is the reason for privacy stalls, but many of the staff don’t take advantage of it and just dress out in the main area. I guess the whole being uninhibited sexually thing applies to nudity as well.

Making quick work of changing into my jeans and a black t-shirt with “Joie de Vivre” printed on it, I put on flat sandals studded with coral and turquoise beads. It’s my go-to casual wear. After putting my dress and heels away, I zip up my bag and make my way out of the dressing room.

Only to come to a complete halt as all three of the women, Wendy, Calista, and I-Have-No-Clue-Who, are standing there and glaring at me. Because I’ve never interacted with these girls much, and because I know I’ve done nothing to piss them off personally, I can only assume this is about Jerico.

I let out a sigh of frustration before straightening my spine and crossing my arms. “What’s up?”

“We’re just wondering how you’ve managed to get Jerico’s attention for so long,” the girl whose name I don’t know asks snottily.

“I’m sorry… but what’s your name?” I ask without answering her question.

“Leigh,” she snaps at me.

“Well, Leigh,” I say in a calm voice, then turn to look at Wendy and Calista, “I’m just going to have to tell you ladies it’s none of your business what’s going on between Jerico and me.”

“Well, you’ve done something because Rico’s not one to do repeats,” Wendy says as she puts a hand on her hip and cocks it out. This is a bit disconcerting to me as she’s standing in her bra and panties, and besides that… Rico? I’m fairly confident he does not go by that ridiculous nickname.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t call him something so stupid,” I reply. “It’s probably a turn-off.”

“You fucking bitch,” Wendy practically screeches and takes a threatening step toward me. Now I’m very uncomfortable with the situation, so I take a step back.

“What do you expect?” Calista adds. She’s at least still fully clothed, so it’s not awkward to look to her. “Jerico probably lost a bet. Or she’s into some super kinky shit none of us has seen before and he’s fascinated with it. But honestly…”

And here she pauses to rake a scathing look up and down me with a curl to her lip before she continues, “She’s not much to look at. I think that’s why we can’t figure it out.”

“Good point,” Wendy sneers, also looking at me as if I’m covered in fleas or something. “But just like any woman in here who has a taste of that man, she’s nothing but a live sex doll to him. So honey, just be ready… he’ll kick you to the curb as soon as he gets tired of your worn-out pussy.”

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