This causes his eyes to darken and his lips to curl. “I expect gratitude for this tonight, not attitude.”

I roll my eyes at him, but I don’t have a problem showing him some gratitude. In fact, I’m looking forward to it.



I can’t remember the last time I’ve fucked the same woman monogamously. Obviously, I was monogamous with Michelle, but since her it has been nothing but one-night stands. Since the club opened, it’s just impersonal, kinky fucks. Prior to Michelle, I never had overly serious relationships because I was young and didn’t want one.

It’s been almost a week since I fired those three bitches and Trista made me rehire them. We’ve been carnal with each other every single night since so I know she’s not too mad at me. I was a little pissed at her though, making me take those girls back on. I never change my mind once a decision has been made like that because inconsistency smacks of weakness. Right now, those three women not only think I’m pussy whipped, but they also think I’m soft on my employees and business dealings. And fuck if I can figure out why I gave in to Trista on that. She was clearly distressed to be harassed by those girls, but even more so that I fired them. My original intent was to protect her, but I apparently made things worse. The thing that sucks about it is I normally wouldn’t give a shit about something like that. I wouldn’t have cared Trista was cornered, and I certainly wouldn’t have come in to her rescue. I most definitely am not the type of guy who would fire someone and then go to them moments later and take it back.

These thoughts plague my mind as I stare with mild erotic interest, as well as an undercurrent of distaste, at my computer screen. It’s video of Trista and me on The Deck last night. I don’t need the replay to remind me of the vivid details.

Of how I stalked toward her in The Social Room and pulled her from the hostess stand without a word. She didn’t resist, but I noticed her worrying at her lower lip nervously. I damn well know it’s because she was wondering what everyone was thinking of her. I made one concession when I hit the hallway lobby and asked her, “Do you want this?”

She didn’t hesitate in her response, but it was tentative. A light nod of her head, although I could still see the worry in her eyes about backlash.

“Are you sure?” I repeated. Even though my dick was already hard with anticipation of what I was going to do, I gave her another chance to say “no”.

Her words were clear and convincing so I accepted them, even though they made me feel weird at the same time. She’d said, “Yes, I want this. Besides, we have ten days left on our deal, then I won’t have to show my face in here again.”

“Are you that embarrassed?” I asked her, my gut churning that perhaps I was fucking her up in the head by doing things with her publicly.

She immediately shook her head. “Only to the extent of dealing with those looks from coworkers. It would be different if I didn’t work here.”

It had relieved me I wasn’t corrupting her, but it also reminded me… our time together was limited.

I certainly wanted to make the best of it, so I brought her out to The Deck. We hadn’t fucked out there before, and as I watch the video of what we did last night, I think it might have been the most intimately erotic thing we’ve done together. More so than me eating her out in The Orgy room while men held her legs, or fucking her with Kynan.

I simply pulled her out there, her sexy heels clacking on the clear, acrylic see-through flooring. Everyone’s eyes were on us and I didn’t need to look around to know that.

I felt it.

Everyone wondering why Jerico Jameson was interested in this girl.

What was so special about her?

I was trying to figure that out myself, almost the entire time I was on The Deck with her.

When I pulled her right up to the acrylic wall that let us see the glitter of Vegas but didn’t let the rest of Vegas look in, I turned her so the front of her body was pushed up against the glass.

I wondered about the special hold she seems to have on me as I pulled her dress up around her hips, pressed my body against hers so she was sandwiched between me and the wall, and then slipped my fingers into her underwear and got her off quickly.

You’d never know by the video that such deep thoughts were running through my head. Especially not when she came beautifully on my fingers, then I quickly opened my pants, freed my cock, and put a condom on. Granted… my mind went blissfully blank when I drove into her from behind while she stood pressed against the wall. Her palms were spread on the acrylic, fingertips trying to dig in. Her head was turned, cheek resting against the coolness, and she groaned as I moved slowly in and out of her. My legs were slightly bent to give me better upward momentum, and while I fucked her slowly, I did it deep. Every drive into her pussy, my hips rocked under and my ass muscles clenched violently.

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