I take a sip—a large one to steady my nerves—and my hand drops from his tie down to his leather belt where I lay my fingertips lightly on the edge of it. “I want to try the stocks.”

Jerico’s eyebrows fly upward in surprise. I’ve not initiated any type of sex in public. It’s always been him pulling me off to do something dirty in front of others. He knows part of what gets me off is the wrongness of it all, and I know in a million years he never thought I’d suggest it.

“Are you sure?” he asks, eyes filled with slight worry.

I nod. “I’m feeling adventurous. As our time winds down… well, I think I want to give it my all here. Don’t want to walk away with regrets.”

Jerico picks up his vodka tonic, takes a sip, and sets it down on the bar. When he turns to look at me, he asks, “What would you say if I offered you a permanent job here?”

Now my eyebrows are the ones to shoot up. “Doing what?”

“Hostess duty,” he says.

I take another healthy sip of my Manhattan, all thoughts of the stocks on temporary hold. After I set my glass down next to his, I say, “I’m not sure how I’d explain this job to my mother.”

Jerico’s brows furrow. “What does she think you’re doing?”

My face flushes with slight embarrassment when I give guilty smirk. “She thinks I’m working as a secretary for The Jameson Group. I’ve told her as a security firm you’re open 24/7, so she thinks I’m working the night shift.”

“Huh,” Jerico says, not put out by this lie. “You’re in the front where no sex occurs and you’re just welcoming patrons. That’s respectable.”

“I suppose I could float that by her,” I respond pensively, wondering how to even start a conversation like that with my mom.

Hey Mom… um, I’m working at a sex club, but it’s okay… I’m just a hostess who greets people coming in.

“I’m going to have to think about it,” I say softly.

“That’s fine,” Jerico concedes, but his expression is serious and somber. It makes my stomach tighten as he opens his mouth to say something else, and I brace. “But I’d also like to keep seeing you after the contract period is up.”

A physical jolt of shock causes me to jerk backward a bit. My eyes have to be as large as saucers. “You would?”

Jerico gives a nonchalant shrug and looks out over the crowd. “Well, you know… you make a fucking phenomenal cake.”

I slap him on the chest, and his head turns back to me with a sinful grin.

“Let me amend that,” he says with a hand to the back of my neck to pull me close to him. “You’re fucking phenomenal in a million different ways, and I’m not ready to stop what we have.”

My heart is thundering in my chest because I’m excited at the prospect of more with Jerico, but I’m leery at the same time. I didn’t let my heart get too involved so I wouldn’t be crushed when I walked away in nine days, and here he is making me open myself up again.

“When you say you don’t want to stop what we have,” I say carefully, so I understand exactly what he’s offering, “are you talking about the club sex?”

Jerico gives me an eyeroll. It looks weird coming from him because he’s always so professional and put together. “I’m talking about dating you, Trista. That would include fucking here in the club and a million different other places. Going out to dinner, movies, and whatever other shit people who date do.”

“Monogamous, right?” I ask, again not daring to hope.

“You’re usually not this dense,” he mutters, but then smiles at me. “Yes, monogamous. And if you say you have to think about it, I’m going to redden your ass when I get you in the stocks.”

My entire being is flooded with warmth over the fact Jerico wants to be with me. He wants the emotional connection and not just an impersonal fuck. Still, I play coy, lifting a finger to tap at the corner of my chin as I look upward in contemplation. “Hmmm… let me think—”

Suddenly, Jerico lifts me and throws my body over his shoulder. I shriek in surprise and offense, slapping at his back. “Put me down, you big ape.”

I get rewarded with a hard crack of his palm against my ass, crying out from the pain even as my panties get wetter from the pleasure of it.

I yell all kinds of vile curses as Jerico takes me right to The Silo and the stocks room, which is surprisingly empty, but then again, it’s early. That usually doesn’t get busy until very late when some girl—or even a guy—works up the courage to get locked in and then fucked by multiple people.

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