When he bends over to set me on wobbly feet, I make the mistake of looking out the glass wall where a few people are walking closer to watch. My nerves go into overdrive and practically explode when I see two of the condiment tray girls glaring at me. My gaze slides to the wooden device that will hold me captive, and I look longingly at it. It’s a symbol to me right in this moment that I’ve got a naughty side that can be celebrated openly, and I have a man I can trust to lock me in there and do whatever he wants to me.

“Second thoughts?” Jerico says as his hands come to my shoulders. He angles down to kiss my neck.

I shake my head as I stare right back out the window to those watching and shore up my resolve to do this. Right now, it’s what I want and what I can accept about this relationship with Jerico. After we’re done though, I’m not sure he’s going to like my decision.

Jerico makes swift work of locking me up in the stocks. He doesn’t even bother undressing me, only telling me to spread my legs apart, which I do. The position isn’t comfortable at all. While I can rest my wrists down on the wood, I have to hold my head up. Otherwise, I’d have too much pressure on my windpipe. But what really makes this a huge turn on and well worth the tiny discomforts is that I can’t see what Jerico is doing behind me. I can’t turn my head and even if I could, the wooden boards would block my view.

I suck in a deep breath when I feel his hands on my hips, pressing his crotch into my backside. He’s already hard and the knowledge he’s ready just from putting me in this contraption makes me hotter for him. Jerico pulls the bottom of my dress up. It’s stretchy and stays banded around my waist, so now my backside, which is covered by a pair of sheer deep green panties made of satin, is exposed for all to see. I feel his bare palms on my ass cheeks and he rubs lightly, sometimes squeezing the twin globes. It’s not enough, but it makes me squirm. I push my backside up a little higher, giving him a silent invitation to touch me somewhere else.

Instead, one palm disappears only to return swiftly with a hard crack to my ass. I shriek from the surprise and pain and my hips tilt inward trying to pull my ass out of his reach. Another crack and I cry out again.

“Told you I was going to redden that ass,” Jerico growls behind me, and I receive another sharp slap, which was just as forceful, but now I’m not noticing the stinging pain as much. Instead, my sex clenches and releases with need, and I can’t help but moan when he strikes me again. Jerico alternates slaps with a soft stroking of his palm across my skin. I need him inside of me so bad I start squirming, moving my legs inward so I can press them together and perhaps ease the ache there.

“Uh-uh-uh, Trista,” Jerico says in a soft, patronizing voice as he sweeps his leg left and right to get mine to spread my further. “Bad girl. It’s gonna cost you.”

I tense, waiting for another blow to my reddened ass, but he slaps me between the legs instead, right against the swollen lips of my pussy and I swear I almost orgasm from that.

Bracing for another blow, I’m stunned when Jerico snakes his fingers under my panties at the back and sinks two fingers into me. I’m so wet it makes a squelching noise, and I wince with embarrassment even as my hips rotate involuntarily to try to draw him in deeper.

“I didn’t know spanking you would make you this wet,” Jerico murmurs as he withdraws his fingers. Hell, I didn’t know it either but apparently, I’ve got a kinky thing for spanking.

While I can’t see what’s happening, I know what’s coming. Jerico’s zipper and the tear of the foil pack to release the condom seem loud. Jerico groans when he rolls it on, and I spread my legs out a little further, my entire body quivering in anticipation.

And then he’s rubbing the tip of his cock through my wet folds, having done nothing more than pull the material of my panties aside to give him access. Something about us not taking off a stitch of clothing makes this even naughtier. Jerico pushes the head inside me, pauses just a second, and then simultaneously delivers another slap to my ass as he drives in deep.

So deep my shoulders hit the wooden stocks and the breath is knocked out of me slightly. Doesn’t matter though because the feeling of that hard, swollen length inside of me… pushing against the edge of my womb, feels so good I want him to do it again and again.

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