“Harder,” I moan as he starts to slide out, and he rewards me by slamming back in.

“Yes,” I hiss in gratitude, and then it’s on.

Jerico sets up a brutal pace, thrusting hard and fast. He slaps my ass a few more times, but then his hand reaches around, slips down my panties, and plays with my clit. My blood is already racing and the feelings of him fucking me hard, rolling my clit, and sometimes slapping me is almost too much to bear. My climax starts barreling toward me even though I try to hold it off. He’s barely been fucking me a few minutes, but my entire body tightens as it prepares to break apart.

With a sexy grunt of pleasure, Jerico drives in so deep that my climax is released in an amazingly violent burst that makes me call out his name. As my body trembles and shudders, Jerico practically heaves himself into me, cursing and grunting with pleasure.

“I’m close,” he says through gritted teeth, fucking me furiously so his words come out in short bursts.

I wait for that moment I’ve come to know well—when he’ll bury balls’ deep and grind against me as he unloads. His pace tells me he’s almost there, but then he suddenly stops.

Pulls out of me quickly, so I cry out from the loss of this thickness.

But then he’s in front of me, whipping off the condom and staring down at me with eyes so darkened with lust I’m not sure I even see the real Jerico residing in there. One of his hands grabs my jaw as he says, “Open up.”

I immediately comply because I told him he could fuck my mouth tonight. Frankly, I love giving him head. It’s one of the few times I have power over him. While I can’t touch him like I normally would to roll his balls or press my fingers against his anus, I merely double up on my sucking efforts to draw him in as I stare up at him.

His hands come to gently frame my face, and he doesn’t move in me the way he did from the back. He’s gentle so he doesn’t choke me, but he gives it to me as deep as possible.

“God, I love watching my cock slide in and out of that beautiful mouth of yours,” Jerico murmurs, stroking a thumb across my cheek. “Not as much as I just enjoyed watching it ram into your cunt, but fuck, baby… this is really good.”

I’d smile if my mouth wasn’t so full of cock.

Jerico picks up the pace, going a little faster but not as deep. I hollow my cheeks as hard as I can, getting swipes of my tongue on the underside of the head where he’s especially sensitive.

I keep my eyes on Jerico and he watches me, both of us so focused on each other the entire world outside of here seems to have melted away. I no longer even think about being in stocks or people and coworkers watching me. All I think about is making Jerico feel good, giving a little hum of need that he gives it up to me.

Jerico sucks in breath between his teeth, baring them with an almost tortured expression on his face. Then he stops, throws his head back, and groans as he starts to come on my tongue. I swallow, my throat working for every spurt in my mouth. He’s salty and tangy, and I just love the taste of him.

Huffing out a breath of relief and exhaustion, Jerico pulls his cock from my lips and I flex my jaw. After tucking himself into his pants, he squats down so we’re eye level and gives me a soft kiss. “That was incredible,” he says huskily when he pulls back.

“Very,” I tell him.

He smiles and moves to stand. “Let me get you out of there.”

“Wait,” I say quickly, and he bends again. His head is tilted in curiosity. “Don’t you want my answer?”

“You know I do,” he says with a smile.

“Yes, to your job offer,” I tell him. “And yes to us continuing to see each other—”

His mouth slams into mine, but I mumble against it. “Wait.”

Jerico pulls back. “But… if I’m working here, I don’t want to use The Wicked Horse anymore for our… um… intimate moments.”

“Excuse me?” he says, his brows furrowing inward, then he immediately stands up. “Wait… don’t answer that now. Let me get you out of there so we can go to my apartment.”

Before I can say another word, Jerico is behind me, pulling my panties back in place, smoothing my dress down, and unlocking the stocks. I stand up, my back stiff but the ache between my legs very welcomed.

Jerico takes me by the elbow and leads me out the door that goes into the perimeter hallway. As soon as the door closes and we are out of sight and hearing, he turns on me. “Why don’t you want to use The Wicked Horse? I mean… what was that we just did?”

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