I get that now.

And I’m ready.



I lean back in my chair, shaking my head as I look at Jerico. “I still can’t believe you can cook like that.”

He smiles and takes a sip of his wine.

And by that, I mean he made beef wellington with steamed asparagus and a homemade hollandaise sauce, all finished with a crème brûlée that was the best I’ve ever tasted.

“Seriously, how did you learn to cook like that?” I ask, still in amazement.

Jerico leans toward the table, crossing his forearms on top of it. With a little shrug, he says, “I don’t know. I guess you can say it’s how I exercise my creative side.”

“Well, you should feel free to exercise it at any time with me,” I tell him with a smile and then a brief glance at my watch. “And I’ve got to get going.”

Jerico stands up from the table with me, and I make a motion to grab my plate to take it to the kitchen. I was almost giddy when he’d sent me a text today asking if I’d come early and have dinner with him in his apartment. It was what I would consider our first real date, and to find he actually made dinner for me left me feeling warm and gooey. Things with Jerico have changed quickly and drastically, and yet tonight… sitting at his table and having enjoyable conversation as we ate seemed perfectly natural as well.

But I do still have a job to do for at least the next three days, and while Jerico told me he’d relieve me of that obligation, I insisted on fulfilling it. I always pay my debts.

He’s amused by this, of course, but he’s playing along.

“Leave the plates,” he says and when I don’t immediately drop it, he rounds the table to take it from my hand. “I’ll clean up.”

“But you cooked,” I point out.

Jerico sets the plate on the table and his arms go around my waist to pull me into him. I wobble for a moment on the stiletto heels I’m wearing along with my standard hostess uniform of a sexy black dress. I’m steadied though when my hands come to his shoulders as I look up at him. His smile is mischievous… his eyes sparkling.

“You could always let me come and play with you in one of the rooms tonight,” he says in a husky voice. “I’m thinking The Orgy Room. Maybe I’ll even open you up and invite some others to eat your pussy.”

My sex clenches so tight I almost whimper, even as I’m stunned by his suggestions. Having other people participate, and having Kynan fuck me… that was all well and good when it was just casual sex. Even though the idea of him opening me up for others to feast on is clearly turning me way the fuck on, I’m confused by it as well.

“You’d let other people be with me now?” I ask him curiously.

He gets my meaning right away, his eyes softening. “If you wanted it and were up for it, yes… as long as I was there, I’d do anything to give you pleasure.”

“But… but… I don’t think I could reciprocate that,” I tell him softly. “I couldn’t let another woman touch you.”

Jerico’s eyes get even softer. “You’d be jealous.”

“Absolutely,” I say without hesitation. “Wouldn’t you? If other men touched me?”

“Not as long as I knew I was the one you came home to at night,” he says.

“That doesn’t make sense to me,” I say in frustration as I pull away from him. “If you want to be only with me, then you should be jealous of other men.”

“Trista… baby,” he cajoles as he pulls me back to him. “I own a sex club. Swinging here is a way of life, and I really don’t think twice about it anymore. This is new to you though, so I’m sure it’s all confusing. So why don’t we just agree that for the time being, it will be just the two of us, okay? And if you feel more comfortable down the line, we can talk about it.”

“You make it sound so simple,” I grumble as I look away.

His hand comes to my face and guides it so I have to look directly in his eyes. “While I might not get jealous of someone else touching you, or giving you pleasure… I’d be jealous as fuck and out of my mind if you ever looked at another man the way you look at me when I’m fucking you. That’s for me and me alone.”

And, oh wow… that was hot as hell and so damn sweet my teeth hurt. I immediately relax into his embrace, because he just validated his feelings for me. And he’s right… this is a lot for me to get used to. I have to remember that sharing bodies in this environment does not mean sharing hearts. That’s exactly what Jerico just said to me, I think.

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