Going to tiptoe, I give him a brief, soft kiss. Smiling at him, I say, “Okay. We’ll work through this, but I’m going to head out and get down to the hostess podium. Don’t want anyone thinking I’m up here doing hanky-panky with the boss.”

Jerico laughs… rich, deep, and with gusto. He releases me and picks up our plates. “Go on… get to work, woman.”

“What are you going to do?” I think to ask him as I grab my purse from the kitchen island.

He looks up and pins me with a brilliant smile. “I actually think I’m going to read a book and relax until you get off work. I’ll be waiting for you, and I plan to fuck your brains out when you walk through that door.”

“Mmm,” I say with a wink as I turn toward his apartment door. “I like it.”

“Oh, wait,” Jerico says and I turn back to him. “Will you do me a favor? Go through my office and in my top right drawer, I have a folder Kynan’s going to swing by and pick up. It’s my formal offer to sell Jameson Group to him.”

“So you’re moving forward with it?” I ask as I follow him into the kitchen where the walk-through door to his office is located.

Jerico sets the plates in the sink and rolls up his shirt sleeves before he starts cleaning. “By the end of the year, if he agrees. We’ll need that time to transition him into the boss’s chair.”

“You sound completely peaceful with this decision,” I say, and my heart is happy for him.

“I am,” he tells me, those green eyes filled with satisfaction of a good life.

“I’m glad,” I say and then blow him a kiss. “See you later tonight.”

“Bye,” he murmurs as I push through the door to his office. It’s dim with only a small desk lamp turned on and some accent lights in his built-ins so I turn on the overhead lights by flipping the switch at the door.

Walking to his massive carved desk, I inhale deeply and realize it smells like Jerico in here. I didn’t realize Jerico had a smell until now, but it’s divine and I breathe in again.

When I reach his desk, I open the drawer on the left but see nothing but pens, paperclips, and some chewing gum in there.

He said left drawer, right?

Maybe not.

I sit down in his massive leather chair and propel it to the right, reaching out for the right-hand drawer. Laying on top is a navy-blue folder with “The Jameson Group” stamped in gold foil, and I know this is what I need to bring to the front podium for Kynan to pick up. I start to push the chair back so I can stand up, but something catches my eye under his desk.

I see a plastic bin, not even half full of documents thrown in, but it’s the brown envelope on top that made me pause.

Because I saw the word “Jayce” and that’s not an overly common name.

I bend over and grab the edge of the bin, pulling it out so I can see a little bit better once it’s out of the shadow of the desk.

And there, laying right on top, is a thick manila envelope addressed to Jayce Barnes with his address as well as The Wicked Horse’s return address on it. There’s no postage though, but it’s clear at some point, this was going to be mailed.

Whatever “this” is, I take very keen note that my gut twists as if something doesn’t seem right. Jerico never talks about Jayce, so I gathered they weren’t close friends anymore. I don’t talk about him either because he’s a prick. So for the life of me, I can’t figure out why Jerico would be mailing anything to him.

Before I can talk myself out of it, I pull the silver prongs up and peel the flap back. Without any hesitation, I reach in and pull out what I immediately recognize as photos and a few DVDs. But then my eyes hone in on the first photograph, and my stomach drops so quickly I get nauseated.

On the top, there’s a black-and-white photograph of me in The Silo.

Sucking Jerico’s dick while Kynan fucks me from behind.

The next one is of Jerico fucking me on the deck with just my skirt hiked up.

The photo behind it is of me sucking Jerico’s dick in his office. While he sat in this chair.

I fly up out of the chair, and it rolls back so hard it hits the wall. Bile surges up into my mouth, and I swallow it back down as I flip through the stack of photos. They’re all Jerico and me having sex in the club. None in his apartment, but of the handful of times we had sex in the club, there are several photos of each event.

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