“Yeah, but I got more vacation time and I want to check on Jorie,” he tells me. “Hey… I told you she left Vince, didn’t I? I guess things weren’t working out between them, and she’s back in Henderson. Staying at Elena’s.”

This is fucking great. I know more about the fall of Jorie’s marriage than her brother does. He thinks it was a mutual split, and I happen to know that prick told Jorie she sucked in bed and then kicked her out.

I want to kill him.

“Yeah, I think you mentioned that,” I say evasively before wrapping things up. “Listen, man… I’m beat. Going to call it a night, but let me know if you’re headed down this way. You can stay with me, of course.”

“Of course,” he says in agreement. “No way am I crashing at Elena’s little apartment. Besides, I want to try out The Wicked Horse. You’ve talked about it so much that I’ve got to give it a go. Got to see my machine in practical action.”

“You’ll love it,” I say without any enthusiasm.

“You sure you’re okay?” he asks again. This time, his words are sober with concern.

“I’m fine, Micah. Just a long day and longer night. I’ll talk to you soon, buddy.”

“Okay. Take care.”

I disconnect the phone and tap it against my chin for a moment before I pull the photos up again. I take in every detail of her that I can see, but I mostly concentrate on the close up of the dildo sliding into her. I tear my eyes away only for a moment so I can bend over the side of my bed to snatch my jeans. I pull the pair of panties I’d stowed there earlier tonight, bringing them to my nose as I settle back against the headboard. I inhale her scent deeply, and I’m consumed with lust.

My hand reaches below the sheet and palms my cock with the silk of her panties in between. My dick goes harder as I focus on Jorie’s ass. It’s phenomenal, and I’d love to fuck it while she’s riding that dildo.

A bolt of pleasure over the thought slams through me, and I squeeze my shaft hard. I have to back it down and quit thinking like that.

That is never going to happen.

Jorie and I are never going to happen again.

I have not beaten off to the thought of Jorie once since I found her in the bathroom that night, bleeding from fending off her attackers. That night made it clear she was too innocent to be dominating my dirty thoughts. When she turned eighteen and moved away to go to school at UCLA, we lost touch because the only contact I ever really had with her was as a neighbor and Micah’s little sister. I kept up to speed on her through Micah and accepted what he chose to share. I never asked.

I didn’t go to her wedding because I didn’t want to see how gorgeous she’d be in a snowy-white gown, looking with adoration at her soon-to-be husband.

I had put Jorie firmly out of my mind as the years went by.

Staring at the photo as I stroke myself, I remember how good she felt in my arms. I think about those green eyes locking to mine as I drove into her over and over again.

I vow to myself I’ll have this one last happy with Jorie Pearce in mind, and then I’m going to let her go just the way I did before.



Elena said this could be a bad idea. But, in fairness, she thought it could be a freaking amazing idea, too. I’m choosing to go with the “amazing idea” theory because I just can’t leave things the way we did. I can’t stop thinking of the way Walsh made me feel. And I’m not talking just pleasure. I’m talking about the fact that he made me feel gorgeous and revered. I felt sexy as hell with him, and I don’t remember feeling that way for a very long time. He peeled back a layer of my metaphorical sexual onion. It feels raw and awkwardly new, and I need to figure out what to do with it.

I also need to figure out what to do with Walsh.

He was clearly horrified to have inadvertently crossed a line with me, but when I woke up this morning, I had to think to myself… so what? It wasn’t intentional, and even if it was, there is no fault because we did nothing wrong. We’re both adults and free to make those choices.

So my visit to The Royale, which is Walsh’s hotel and casino, is to make sure he’s okay and isn’t wallowing in regret. Walsh and Micah are as tight as blood brothers. It would stand to reason Walsh feels the “bro code” has been violated. As such, my purpose here is to make sure his guilt is assuaged and he doesn’t feel bad about supposedly betraying Micah.

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