Walsh watches me with hard eyes as he stands opposite of me, and I can’t decide if I should try to lessen his anger. Part of me thinks not, because there’s a part of me that’s excited to see what he’ll do with it.

When the elevator doors open, Walsh extends his hand in a silent invitation for me to precede him into the living area. I do and make it no more than five steps before he says, “Stop.”

I do and turn around to look at him. My jaw drops and my heart starts racing as I see him slide his belt free of his slacks. There’s a low-burning flame in his eyes and a hard set to his jaw.

“Did you ever drop to your knees to welcome your husband home from work?” he asks as he drops the belt to the floor and undoes the button to his pants.

“What?” I ask in stunned surprise.

“Come on, Jorie,” he taunts me as he slips the zipper down. “You went to a sex club last night looking for answers. You’ve set out to discover something about your sexuality. So, tell me… are you the type of woman who will take her lover’s cock down her throat when he walks in the door? Willing to get some rug burns on your knees when he fucks your face?”

Oh, wow.

Holy shit.

That is hot as all get out, and my sex spasms.

I don’t answer Walsh because, sadly, I have never done that with Vince. It never crossed my mind, and I think it never did because I never craved him. Or perhaps he never was that great in giving me pleasure, so I didn’t ever want to return it. Or maybe it was the fact that he was an asshole a lot of the time, so I really didn’t think he deserved it.

But my mouth floods with saliva as Walsh takes his dick out and strokes it slowly while he watches me. I don’t hesitate. I walk right to him and drop to my knees.

That gorgeous cock looms huge in front of me, a clear bead of pre-cum on the tip. I lean forward to touch it with my tongue, but his hand comes out to stop me. A thumb goes under my chin, his fingers curling around the side of my neck.

“I don’t want you to lick me,” he says roughly. “Or suck me. I want to fuck your mouth. Do you understand there’s a difference?”

I shake my head, and I’m so turned on now by his words I want to put my hand between my legs.

“You will when I’m finished with you,” he says darkly. “Then you might think twice about goading me.”

“If you’re trying to scare me,” I tell him, twisting my neck so he releases his hold. “It won’t work. I’m not leaving.”

“Damn right you’re not leaving,” he returns with a growl. “But I want you to see that just because we’re not in The Wicked Horse, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be kinky, dirty fucking. You might be playing with a fire you can’t handle.”

“I’ll take the ri—” I start to say, but then his cock is in my mouth with his hands on both sides of my head to hold me in place.

He slides in slowly, pushing to deliberately test my gag reflex, and it kicks in the minute the head touches the back of my tongue. Walsh backs out just as slowly, but never leaves my mouth.

Staring down at me with glittering, lust-filled eyes, he murmurs, “I don’t mind you leaking a few uncomfortable tears to take me down, but I don’t want you gagging. Try swallowing this time.”

God… how can I be so turned on when he’s talking about making me uncomfortable to the point of tears?

I give him a nod, and he slowly pushes in as his gaze stays locked to where we’re connected.

“Been dying to get that cherry lipstick on my cock,” he says in such a soft voice I can barely hear him.

My own hand involuntarily starts to dive under my skirt, but he gives me a harsh, “Don’t. You only get off by my hand, tongue, or dick, got it?”

I nod again, and as the head of his cock starts to hit that area that will make me gag, I work my throat in a valiant effort to take him down.

And I gag again, harder than the last time.

Walsh immediately pulls all the way out and gives me a chastising shake of his head. “You might want to practice this in the future, but for right now, I know your limits.”

I lick my lower lip and patiently wait for him to give it to me again. I try not to be disheartened by the fact he said I would have to practice, not we would have to practice.

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