His hands tightening their hold on my head, he pushes his hips forward and enters my mouth for a third time. I sheath my teeth, concentrate on stroking him with my tongue and the roof of my mouth, and adding on a tiny bit of a sucking motion. This lasts about ten seconds because he starts to move a little more roughly, never quite getting deep enough to gag me, but making it a little difficult to keep my tongue and lips in sync with his thrusts.

Faster he goes, and I give up trying to pleasure him with my own moves. I can do nothing more than let him use my mouth as a vessel and as he starts to hammer into me, my saliva is leaking out past my lips.

“That’s it,” he praises me, but I don’t know what I’ve done other than slobber.

I suck in air through my nose because he’s so large in my mouth it’s the only way I can breathe. His breathing is getting rougher, and he starts to encroach on the back of my mouth the harder he fucks my face. He’s going so fast I don’t even have time to gag, but I’m surprised when tears fill my eyes as he promised. I’m not being hurt in any way, but I am being used roughly. If the wetness in my panties is any indication, I love it.

Walsh starts cursing under his breath. I blink my eyes rapidly, letting the tears spill down my cheeks, and look up to find him staring at me in such a way my pussy starts to cramp with my own need. His jaw is locked hard, teeth gritted, and I can tell he’s on the brink of coming. It’s the sexiest look I’ve ever seen on another human being, and I find myself anticipating his release.

“Fuck,” Walsh barks out. He goes still in my mouth, the head of his cock resting in the middle of my tongue, and he starts to unload. God, he even tastes good. Not bitter but mellow, and my throat starts working to take it all from him.

“Fuck,” he says again, this time on a satisfied moan as he slowly pulls out. His gaze softens slightly as he looks down at his dick. “I knew that red lipstick would look good on me.”

My eyes slide to his cock, which is still looking impressive in size, and I have no clue what my mouth looks like but I’m sure most of my lipstick is gone. It’s smeared beautifully along the length of his shaft.

I’m shocked when Walsh drops to his knees and his mouth crashes against mine. He kisses me hard without asking for entrance, taking control of my tongue and laying final claim to ownership of my mouth.

He pulls back just enough to whisper, “Greedy girl. Can’t taste myself.”

I can do nothing but moan over his words. Then his lips come to my cheek and he kisses my tears, using the tip of his tongue to take a tiny taste. “Your tears taste fucking good, Jorie.”

“Walsh,” I whisper, now in sensory overload.

He just taught me what it meant to fuck a face, and now I know the difference. Watching how he handled me roughly and how turned on he was as he did it has made me so sensitive between my legs, it’s not going to take much to make me climax.

With surprising grace, Walsh stands up and brings me right along with him. Not even bothering to tuck his half-hard dick back in his pants, he takes me by the hand and leads me through his enormous and quite lavishly decorated apartment. I didn’t notice it too much the first time I was here, and I’m certainly only able to get a cursory look right now, but the man has no problem spending money as far as I can see.

Walsh heads through an open kitchen to a hallway that leads straight back to his bedroom. He gives me a little push to my back. “Get naked and get on the bed.”

I don’t hesitate. I’m all for getting past the awkward removal of clothes. He has to be well sated right this moment, but his eyes burn no less hot than before he came in my mouth. He watches as I shimmy out of my clothes, but I look right back at him as he disrobes. We did the dirtiest type of fucking one can do last night, and we’ve never seen each other naked.

Walsh doesn’t disappoint. His torso is as fabulous as I remembered but it’s only complemented by his muscular legs and tight ass. He’s perfectly built in my opinion, but I might be a little biased. I’ve loved this man since I was a little girl, only in a familial/friendship type way, but I’ve also thought about him in other ways, too. The sight of his naked body, even as his dick is softening, makes me achy with need for him.

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