“Bed, Jorie,” Walsh reminds me.

I crawl on it with the intent to lay in a sexy pose as I turn over to face Walsh, but he’s on the bed with me quick as lightning and flipping me to my back to straddle me right at my pelvis.

I use the opportunity to check his package out better. It’s still large even in its softened state and he keeps himself trimmed tight, which I love. My eyes go up to find him staring at my tits.

“They don’t bite,” I say jokingly, and his gaze comes to meet mine.

His lips curve slightly. “But I do. It’s probably going to hurt a little.”

A shudder ripples through me, and my nipples harden. Walsh’s eyes flick back down to my breasts. “Look at that. Looks like they want to be bitten.”

I swallow hard and wait with anticipation for him to lay torture upon then. My nipples have never been supersensitive so the thought of him getting a little rough with them is thrilling.

“But I want something else first,” Walsh says, and I blink my eyes to focus back on him. He moves backward, pushing his knees down in between my legs so they spread.

There’s no hesitation, only hungry determination as he lays down and pushes his face into my pussy. My back arches off the bed at the feel of his mouth on me. There’s no teasing movements, and he hits my clit hard and fast.

It only takes seconds before I’m screaming out his name as he gives me my first orgasm of the night.



I can’t remember the last time I woke up with a woman in my bed. Of course, women have stayed over since Renee and I divorced three years ago after just one year of marriage as I don’t use The Wicked Horse exclusively for my needs. I’ve brought women up here before, fucked them, and fallen asleep. I’ve got nothing against cuddling, and I certainly like the benefits of having a warm pussy to slide into first thing in the morning.

But Jorie’s soft body spooned against mine isn’t like anything I’ve felt before. I not only know her body intimately after all we did last night, but I also know her intimately. More intimately than I’ve ever known a woman, and it makes all the difference in the world waking up to her beside me.

Jorie’s twenty-eight, and I was eight when she was born. I’ve known her a long fucking time, and I’d be a liar to deny I care about her. But having a relationship with her isn’t doable in my opinion. First, I’ve no desire to get married again. Don’t really want kids. Those are things women want for the most part, and I could never offer that to her.

But more importantly, Micah won’t accept it. He’ll view it as wrong as I do, given our almost-familial ties. I know this because Micah got a hint of my feelings about Jorie once when I was drunk, and he went berserk. He made no bones about the fact she was off limits to me because Micah viewed me as his brother, and he also viewed me as Jorie’s brother, too. The fuck of it is, Jorie’s right… I do find the whole forbidden little sister angle dirty and taboo. I’m going straight to hell, but that makes it more exciting.

Keeping it hidden from Micah won’t make it exciting, though. It’s dangerous and a serious blow to the loyalty and trust he has in me.

Even knowing all this, it didn’t stop me from having her repeatedly last night.

Doesn’t stop me from wanting her right now as evidenced by the extreme morning wood I’ve got going on planted right in the crease of her ass cheeks. The thought of popping her anal cherry makes me go even harder. Last night, I’d learned she’d never done that, so I made it my mission to introduce her ass to my tongue and fingers so she’d start to get used to it.

Christ, I’ve got to stop thinking in terms of fucking her again. This should be it. The end. Done. Move on. Don’t look back.

If we can do that, Micah will stay in the dark and I’ll eventually get over this guilt.

Jorie starts to wake, pressing back into me, wiggling her ass a little as she gives a tiny yawn. My hand, which had been resting on her hip, digs down into her flesh to hold her still.

She gives a sexy little laugh and wiggles again. Her voice is raw and husky as she says, “Good morning to you, too.”

I need to shut this down. Get her out of here.

Giving her hip a tiny pat, I say casually, “I’ll fix you breakfast, then you can be on your way.”

“Oh, Walsh,” Jorie says with slight exasperation. Her hand takes mine from her hip and drags it down in between her legs. “There’s only one thing I’m hungry for right now.”

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