Christ. I can’t say no to this, not when my fingers dip inside of her, coaxing her to slippery arousal. She moans and circles her hips, causing my cock to slip down in between her legs.

One last time, then it’s done.

Jorie groans as I start to circle her clit with her own moisture. Her head presses back into my shoulder, her pelvis flexing and tilting, which drags the length of my cock through her pussy lips. She’s slippery as fuck already and I start to thrust against her slowly, doing nothing more than coating my hard shaft with her juices.

Taking my hand away from her clit, Jorie slides it up to her breast so I can pinch at her nipple. I learned last night that she likes the rough handling, and they’ve got to be sore as fuck today. Still, she moans harder as I twist one and her hips buck backward in a silent plea for me.

I thrust faster in between her legs, still doing nothing more than running myself through her pussy lips. I bet I could get off this way.

I’m so lost to the sensation it takes me a moment to realize Jorie’s got her hand between her legs, meeting the tip of my cock when it pushes through from behind. She tilts her hips, trying to push it inside of her.

“Jorie,” I chastise her roughly. “Let me get a condom.”

“No,” she says, and just the thought that she wants me inside of her causes my hips to tilt at an angle that will let me thrust upward if I so choose.

But I stop in place, my cock practically pulsing with the need to sink in.

“Birth control?” I ask.

She rotates her hips, trying to drag me in, and gives a little grunt of frustration before she gasps. “Pill.”

Fuck. I thrust hard upward and sink right into her slippery channel. She cries out and her muscles tighten all around me, and Jesus… I need to come like right now.

I roll and shove Jorie onto her stomach, and she gasps when I haul her up to her hands and knees, my cock still planted in deep from behind.

Fucking amazing.

My bare cock being squeezed by Jorie’s warm cunt has got to be the best thing in forever.

I start fucking her roughly, my balls swinging to slap at her pussy so hard they hurt. But I don’t care. Her ass jiggles as it slaps against my pelvis, and Jorie’s moaning urges me on harder. My hands grip tight to her hips, and she rocks against me as her back arches from the pleasure.

“I won’t ever fucking get enough of this,” I admit foolishly through gritted teeth, and I know Jorie will never let that go. She’ll hold that against me later.

My only hope is she’s so lost in the throes of passion that she didn’t hear it.

An orgasm starts to brew, causing my balls to contract. My ass muscles are cramping from how fast and hard I’m fucking Jorie, and she’s practically sobbing beneath me in pleasure. It’s only when she screams and starts to shake with her own release that I give into it, slamming in hard and releasing my all into her.

“God, Jorie… fuck,” I mutter as I grind against her ass.

I haven’t come in a woman in a long time. Not since Renee, but I don’t remember it being this good. I don’t remember it feeling so satisfying knowing that a woman’s pussy is filled with my cum. I feel like I’ve marked Jorie in some way, and I’m afraid that means I’m not kicking her out of my bed anytime soon.

“I’ll take some breakfast now,” Jorie says from underneath me. I’d collapsed there moments after coming so hard I saw lights flickering under my eyelids, but I’d been holding most of my weight off her.

“In a little bit,” I groan as I roll off her and come to rest on my side.

She stays on her stomach and merely twists her head to look at me. “I’m starving.”

“I’m broken,” I mutter. “Give a man time to recuperate.”

And then Jorie grins at me, her lush lips completely devoid of that bright red lipstick, yet she has mascara smeared under her eyes. Her hair is all tangled with what looks like a bird’s nest on one side of her head. She looks like a sexy siren who has been fucking all night, and yet she looks just like the Jorie I’ve always known.

“Will you tell me now?” she asks softly.

“Tell you what?”

“When was the first time you had a dirty thought about me?”

I stare at her a moment, recalling the memory as clear as day. While my dick is indeed a little broken right now, the thought of fifteen-year-old Jorie in a bathing suit still causes lust to stir within me.

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