When I slip inside, she is indeed wet.

“Feels good,” she moans.

I pull my finger free and flick it against her piercing. Her hips buck.

“Condom’s in my back pocket.” I continue to stroke myself.

The blonde bends over, fantastically huge tits swaying with the motion right in front of my face, and my mouth waters slightly. I’m a total breast man, but, like I said… tonight, I’m feeling selfish.

When she has the condom free of the wrapper, she doesn’t need any encouragement from me to put it on. I release my hold on my dick and concentrate on the sensation of her rolling it on.

Making a slight adjustment on the couch, I hold my hand out to her and she takes it. When she has her knees planted beside my hips, she puts her hands on my shoulders for balance. Her eyes are shining brightly as she leans her face closer to mine.

“Been waiting for you to notice me, Walsh,” she says breathlessly.

I don’t point out that I didn’t notice her because that would just be mean, and I don’t get off on being cruel.

“Can’t wait to have that hot cunt wrapped around me, baby,” I say, not bothering to ask her name because I don’t care what it is.

But she takes the compliment and lets me guide my cock to her opening. When the tip is nestled in, I release my hold and lean back.

“Go to town,” I encourage.

And she does, sliding down on my shaft so swiftly I see the slight wince on her face as she burns from the stretch. My dick is just plain big.

When she bottoms out on me, she pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, which is a sexy-as-fuck move on any woman, and starts to ride.

I hold still, fighting the urge to grab her hips to fuck her hard from beneath. I love doing that to a woman; getting so much power into my upward thrusts I’ve almost tossed a woman or two off me before.

But tonight, I’m going to let her do the work, because again… feeling selfish.

And she’s good, too. Her toned thighs tell me she’s an excellent top rider, and she grinds her pussy down hard each time. I want desperately to play around with that stud above her clit, but I’d rather her get off on my cock alone.

I can tell this is a woman who knows how to get it from cock alone, so I let her ride me hard.

I concentrate on those tits bouncing, her little yips of pleasure, and sometimes moans of pain as I swell even bigger inside her.

When she starts to come, she loses some momentum, so my hands come to her hips and I put a little effort into the game.

I punch my hips up, squeezing my ass muscles hard at the apex, and let gravity pull me back out. In and out, up and down, driving into hot, wet pussy that’s got my balls starting to pull inward.

One last powerful drive upward, and I clamp my teeth down and groan out my release. God, it’s fucking good.

Never had a bad orgasm in my life, but this one is particularly good.

The woman collapses on top of me, her fingers sifting through my dark shoulder-length hair. I let her lay like that for a moment until I feel myself start to soften, then I’m gently pushing her up and off.

She sits on her haunches, a satisfied smirk on her face like she’s the only one who has rocked my world that way. I don’t disabuse her of that notion, though.

“Want me to lick you clean?” she asks with a sexy purr, her hands pulling the condom off me.

“No thanks, baby.” I gently pick her up and stand her on the floor. Pushing off the couch, I tuck myself into my pants. I pick up my belt and quickly put it back on.

Reaching over, I grab my water bottle before planting a quick kiss on her cheek. “But you were amazing.”

I turn around and leave the Waterfall Room.

I don’t look back.



I suck down the last of my wine and put my glass on the bar. “Okay, let’s do this.”

“Are you sure?” Elena asks.

“Absofuckinglutely,” I reply, shoring up my resolve. “But you can’t watch me. That would just be too weird.”

“You can watch me,” she says with a grin.

“Even weirder,” I quip and loop my arm through hers.

I let my best friend, Elena, talk me into spending five hundred dollars of money I have no right to spend on a sex club. But the money has been paid, I’ve had a few glasses of wine, and I need to prove to myself that I am adventurous when it comes to sex.

You see… when your husband wants to separate because you’re a “little dull in bed,” it makes you want to do really bad things.

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