Prove to myself that Jorie doesn’t matter to me.

I’ve put off a few women who have approached me. I’ve watched some of the fucking going on, and I’m horny as hell as evidenced by the semi I’ve been sporting for the last hour. But nothing’s caught my interest enough to leave this barstool.

Even watching what’s going on inside the room with Micah’s dildo contraption isn’t enticing me. It’s rare that Jerico and his girlfriend, Trista, come in to play. He never shares her physically with another man, but he doesn’t mind people watching what he does to her.

She doesn’t mind either, for that matter, because she only ever has eyes for Jerico. I’ve been watching them for a few minutes in that room as he kissed her slowly and teased the crowd with a slow removal of her clothes. He put her up against the glass, stood behind her while he fingered her to orgasm, and then had her suck his fingers clean.

Then he put her on the machine and I was instantly turned on. I watched as he used the remote control to get her close to another orgasm, and then slow it down just to torture her. When she was begging, he powered it up hard and fast, and she screamed so loud I could hear her clearly through the glass.

Fuck, I wanted Jorie back in there and ten minutes with that machine. The things I could do…

“Christ,” I mutter and pick up my watered vodka to take a sip.

My eyes scan the room, hoping against hope I find someone who attracts me.

As fate would have it, my cock goes from half hard to concrete as I watch with disbelief as Jorie walks into the room. She’s wearing the same dress she had on two nights ago when I fucked her in here. She looks to the room where Jerico is now fucking Trista doggie style, but she doesn’t watch. Her eyes scan the rest of the rooms, and I see her shoulders relax in relief.

She’s here looking for me, or rather… looking to see if I’m with someone else.

With a half turn, she sees me at the bar and narrows her eyes at me with purpose as she starts walking my way. I slam down the rest of my drink as I pay attention to the way she’s strutting. Hips swaying, breasts ready to spill out of that stretchy fabric.

I also don’t fail to notice other men looking at her and a wave of protectiveness overcomes me. And it’s not in a brotherly way, but in one that makes me want to throw her down on the floor, fuck her, and spray my load all over her tits to mark her.

“Christ,” I mutter again as she reaches me.

“Late night working, huh?” she asks with a plastered smile on her face, but there’s enough hurt in her voice that it makes me feel like shit.

“Got done earlier than I thought,” I tell her blandly.

“And you thought to come here?”

“It was one of a few thoughts,” I admit to her. “It turns out once I thought hard enough about it, it was really my only option.”

Jorie steps in closer, and her scent assaults me. I try not to focus on that bright red lipstick and how good it would feel to have her smear it on my cock again.

“Walsh… why can’t I be an option?” she asks softly but with so much desperation in her voice I want to fucking kick my own ass for touching her.

“Doesn’t matter,” I tell her, not willing to engage because she might argue me right into having sex with her again. The wench should have gone to law school rather than get a journalism degree. “Just know it’s over.”

A predatory gleam enters Jorie’s eyes, and a thrill of fear races through me as I have no recognition of this sexual creature who moves in closer to me again. Her hand comes to my stomach, and she goes on tiptoes to put her lips closer to my ear so she can whisper, “It’s not over, Walsh. I’ve been wet for you all day. If you doubt me, you can just put your hand between my legs to find out. I’m not wearing any panties.”

My fingers itch to touch her and my dick is throbbing painfully. Jorie was always a confident kid growing up. She was the leader of her group of friends. She was an extrovert and didn’t have a shy bone in her body. But this woman standing before me having the utmost faith in herself has me reeling. If she was talking dirty like this to Vince, and showed the same confidence to him, I can’t for the life of me figure out how sex was bad between them.

Of course, he’s probably got a little pecker and doesn’t even know how to make Jorie come.

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