“I can’t give you what a woman like you should have,” I tell her in an attempt to let her down easily. “You know this about me. I don’t do relationships. It’s just fucking.”

“And I think I told you that I’m okay with that,” she says as she leans back slightly to look me in the eye.

Shaking my head, I try to reason with her, “You don’t want to do this, Jorie. Trust me. This lifestyle of casual sex isn’t good for a girl like you.”

“Woman,” she clarifies.

I nod. “Woman. A woman who is sweet and sensitive and caring. You need someone who shares intimacy with you, not just impersonal fucking.”

“It could be you,” she suggests softly.

“It can’t,” I tell her bluntly. “It would only be sex with me.”

“And again… I’m fine with that,” she throws back at me.

“Christ, you’re driving me crazy,” I say with complete exasperation.

Jorie drops her hand and takes a step backward, her eyes cooling and her voice sounding all businesslike. “Look, Walsh… it’s really very simple. I like sex. My husband thought I was bad at it, and I suspect I just didn’t push myself hard enough. I’m going to figure it out, though. I’m going to figure it out now, and I’m not waiting for my next Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet. I’m not asking you for more. Why can’t you get that I’m okay with that?”

What a mouthful and I hated hearing every word of it because she’s telling me it’s okay to have her in the only way I know how. Hated it so much, I should have just shoved my cock down her throat to shut her up.

But that’s not going to happen, so I finally opt for the truth in the hopes that my transparency will at least get her to take me seriously. “I can’t do this with you because of Micah.”

Her beautiful, jet-black eyebrows pull inward. “What do you mean ‘because of Micah’? He has nothing to do with who I choose to fuck. I thought we’d already been through that. It hasn’t stopped you yet.”

“No,” I admit “But he wouldn’t approve of us, and that’s why we can’t keep going on.”

“You can’t possibly know that,” she says in exasperation.

“I can,” I tell her adamantly. “Because we’ve had the conversation, and he made it clear you are off limits to me.”

“That’s ridiculous,” she sputters. “He has no say over what I do.”

This is true, but moot.

“He has no say over what you do,” she continues.

Also true, but I ask, “You want me to risk my friendship with him? Because if he found out, it would harm it irrevocably, and you’re just going to have to trust me on that.”

Jorie pulls her bottom lip between her teeth to worry at it, and when it pops free, she steps back into me. Both hands come to my chest, slide up, and hook over my shoulders. Her face comes close to mine and her voice is husky. “You and I kept a secret from Micah before. About that night and what happened. I propose we keep another secret.”

“Lie to him about us?” I ask her with distaste, although truth be told, my interest is piqued. Well, my cock’s interest is piqued… painfully so. My conscience isn’t exactly on board.

“No, not lie. Just not tell him,” she says. “I told you I’m okay with casual sex. Micah lives in San Francisco. We do our thing and don’t make a big deal of it. Micah doesn’t need to know, and I don’t believe we have an obligation to tell him.”

Everything about this is wrong, and yet the fact Jorie and I have kept a dark secret from Micah before gives me a bond with her that can’t be ignored. I mean, if Micah had ever asked me point blank, “Walsh… has Jorie ever been nearly raped before and have you ever kept that from me?” I’d have to answer him truthfully.

But until that time, what he doesn’t know doesn’t hurt him.

Same concept here, right?

I must still look unconvinced because Jorie says, “Vince called me today. He wants me to come home.”

My entire body goes rigid at the thought.

She continues, “You told me perhaps I should think about working it out.”

I nod and hold my breath.

“But I can’t,” she says, and the air in my lungs comes out in a massive rush of relief. “I want to continue to figure out my sexuality, and Walsh… I want to do that with you. I want to do it in your apartment, in this club, and in the back of your limo. I want it everywhere.”

I’m on edge, at risk of doing major violence if someone were to interrupt this conversation and so fucking horny, I’d probably come if Jorie laid her hand on my hard cock through my jeans. I clench my hands into fists, having no fucking clue what to do with this situation.

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