Jorie leans in, brushing her lips against mine before moving them to my jaw. They feel so soft as she slides them to my ear, and she whispers, “I’ll let you do anything to me you want, Walsh. No limits. Whatever your dirtiest desire is.”

She lets the implication drift away, and all of a sudden, all I can hear is the sounds of sex going on around us. I’d managed to tune it out for the last few hours. Grunts, moans, cries of climax, cries of pain, and slapping of flesh. It all filters in and an overwhelming need for Jorie sweeps through me.

Not desire.

Not passion.


My hands shoot out to grab her ass, pulling her all the way in between my legs as I slam my mouth down on hers. Her tiny cry of pleasure and surprise ramps me up, and I bring a hand down between her legs to indeed find her without panties and sopping wet.

The kiss is electric as my fingers play at the juncture of her legs. Jorie issues a tiny moan that I suck down into my throat as my tongue twirls against hers.

Fucking amazing. Jorie tastes sweeter and better than anything I’ve ever had in my mouth before. I’ve known this woman her entire life and yet she tastes like a deep dark mystery to me. A mystery I want to delve into and figure out. Untwist the shit inside her head and build her back up. I want to kiss her forever and…

I shoot off the stool, my need for Jorie making me crazed. I spin us around, bend her over the stool and push her skirt up over her hips. She spreads her legs for me obscenely and her pussy glistens from behind. I give it a light slap of my hand that leaves my palm wet. Jorie cries out, and I do it again.

“Walsh… please,” she groans as I do it a third time.

Holy fuck, I need inside her.

My hands fumble at my belt, my button, and zipper. My cock hurts when I pull it out, and I don’t waste a further second of time but thrust it deep inside of her from behind. A long groan of satisfaction, relief, and a sense of belonging rumbles out of my chest.

I pull back, seeing my wet cock briefly before I plunge it back in deeply.

Jorie urges me on, “Again.”

My head spins with the need to come, but I need Jorie to get there first. I pull all the way out, my dick bobbing up and down in lost confusion. I slap her pussy again from behind a few times, then push through her lips with my finger to find her clit. I rub it hard, then slap her again. She shrieks every time I do it, each subsequent slap to those wet, puffy lips a little harder. I do this a few more times and when I pinch her clit, she screams out her release.

Fuck, that is the hottest thing.

She’s still shaking as I drive back into her, my orgasm already starting to bubble down low in my groin. I look around, vaguely taking in the faces of some of the people watching with lust in their eyes. The bartender right on the other side of the bar watches from two feet away, and I can tell he’s rubbing his dick.

But that all fades away as I fuck Jorie harder than I’ve ever fucked before. I make sure everyone in this club knows that, at least for now, this pussy is mine and only mine.

“I’m coming again,” Jorie whimpers as she clamps down tight on me.

That’s all I need. My head swims, my balls tighten, and I pull out of her just as I start unloading. I stroke my cock hard and fast, watching the white ropes of my semen splash all over her ass with a little bit getting on her dress.

I push back into her for a few more strokes, can feel more coming out of me as I groan out the rest of my release.

Jorie makes a sound of dismay when I pull out again, and because my dick is still hard for the moment, I rub it in my cum and then slide it through the cheeks of her ass.

That’s next on my agenda… that ass.

But not right now.

Instead, I’m taking Jorie back to my apartment and I’m going to do all the dirty things to her she said I could, but I’m going to do them slowly.

And privately.



My back arches and my hips shoot off the bed as I orgasm, and I’m so exhausted all I can manage is a groan of relief. I flop back down to the mattress, but Walsh doesn’t stop. His tongue continues to move over me, in me… leaving no spot untouched or unworshipped.

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