“Please stop,” I beg him as I push weakly at his head. He doesn’t stop so I fist his hair and give it a hard tug.

He finally looks up at me with lazy eyes, his mouth wet and his smile satisfied.

“Enough,” I tell him, then tug on his hair harder so he starts to climb up my body.

We’ve been going at it all night, into the early morning hours, and while I don’t want to be done, I do want to catch my breath. Surely Walsh wants to catch his as he was just drowning in between my legs for what felt like hours.

Walsh comes up over me, elbows to the mattress and his hips dipping down. I bring my arms up to circle around his neck, give him a hug and then a kiss to taste myself on his mouth, but he shocks me by sliding right inside of me.

He groans, closes his eyes, and rests his forehead on mine.

“I know I should stop,” he mutters as he moves with lazy strokes. “But I can’t.”

Feeling the length of him inside of me, the press of him against my walls, and the sounds rumbling in his chest, I don’t want him to quit either. I raise my legs, press my knees against his ribs, and move my hips counter to his.

I don’t know how it’s possible but, within minutes, he has me coming again. I gasp as my body trembles. Walsh continues to ride me slowly, lifting his face up so he can look at me.

“Helluva secret we’ve got going on here,” he murmurs, stroking deep and true.

“And I’m okay with that,” I tell him with a smile. I just hope to God Micah doesn’t find out about this, not because I’m worried about my brother, but because it’s important to Walsh. I want Walsh, but not at the expense of their friendship. Deep in my heart, I know this will only end in one way, and that’s me eventually having to give him up.

But for right now, I’m selfish enough to take advantage of the deal we’ve struck.

Walsh’s breathing gets heavier, his thrusts driving a little deeper. He’s close. I’ve watched enough of him reaching his climax that I can recognize it clearly.

A few more thrusts and right there…

He plants deep, goes still, and groans with his eyes shut, muscles in his neck corded tight. The pleasure on his face the most erotic and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and it makes me wonder what I look like when I come. Based on some of the sounds I’ve made, I really don’t want to see the corresponding facial expression.

Walsh rolls off me, goes to his side, and his fingers go back between my legs. Before I can even comprehend what he’s doing, they’re dipping inside of me, gathering his semen, then he’s rubbing it in circles around my clit.

“Enough,” I growl at him as my hand locks around his wrist. He’s way stronger than I am so the only reason he stops is due to my command.

He grins at me and says, “One more orgasm.”

“No,” I huff out. “I’m exhausted.”

Leaning over, I see his smile has softened before his lips press to mine. When he pulls back, I lose his lips and his fingers as he murmurs, “Fine. I’ll give you a break.”

“It’s appreciated,” I say in such a prissy voice Walsh barks out a laugh as I snuggle into his side.

Resting my head on his chest, I revel in the feel of his skin against mine and the way his arm wraps around me to stroke my hip.

My eyes start to droop, but I don’t want to let this incredible night come to an end yet. “Why didn’t you come to my wedding?” I ask him softly.

His hand stills briefly but then resumes the soft strokes. “It’s complicated.”

“I’ll help you figure it out,” I tell him.

“Actually, you’re complicated,” he says like a true smartass, but then adds on, “I thought you were tired. Go to sleep.”

“Tell me,” I say as slide my arm over his stomach to hold him.

He’s quiet a moment but finally says, “I jerked off to a fifteen-year-old girl that I looked at like a sister. I was fucking twenty-three. It doesn’t get any more perverted than that.”

“Oh, come on, Walsh,” I chide as I raise my head to give him an admonishing look. “We all have fantasies.”

“True,” he says, and I can tell it’s not the age difference or the dirty thoughts of a fifteen-year-old that’s bothering him. “But that all changed after you were attacked.”

“But why?” I ask in astonishment. “You were there for me. I know it made me feel closer to you.”

“It made me realize you were just a young girl,” he says firmly. “And far too innocent for me. I liked my sex raw and filthy, and even if you reached adulthood, I just couldn’t dirty you up like that. I refused to do it, so I pulled you out of that compartment in my mind and put you firmly in the little sister room.”

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