“Just like that?” I ask.

“Just like that,” he says as his hand comes up to push my head back down onto his chest. “I never let myself have another fantasy about you. And I stayed away from your wedding because I didn’t want to be tempted.”

“Never thought of me like that again?” I whisper, more to myself than anything. That kind of hurts that I could be so easily forgotten.

“Not until I saw those scars on your breast the other night and realized I was inside of you,” he says with a hint of bitterness in his voice. “I still don’t get it.”

“Get what?”

“How the fuck I didn’t recognize your eyes.” His voice is deep, pensive. This has bothered him, I can tell. “That shade of green that I’ve never seen on anyone else. How did I not see it was you?”

“Because you didn’t want to,” I offer him unsolicited advice. “If you really put me out of your mind, then you didn’t want to see.”

“This is so fucking complicated,” he mutters. “I can’t stand we’re keeping this from Micah, and yet, I can’t bear for him to know. I don’t want to give this up, yet I know this isn’t right for you.”

“Stop trying to figure out what is right for me,” I tell him as my head comes back off his chest. “I’m an adult woman who has got a pretty smart head on her shoulders. You’ve laid the boundaries out, Walsh. I won’t step over them, and I won’t let Micah know, even though I think you’re ultimately wrong about how he’d handle it.”

He studies me for a moment, his eyes flickering with uncertainty. Finally, he pulls me back down again and mutters with his lips pressed against my hair. “Let’s get some sleep. I’ll want to fuck you again before the morning comes.”

“Enough already,” I say with a giggle. “You’re going to wear me out.”

His resounding chuckle warms my heart. I know he’s conflicted, but it’s nice to hear he’s still the easily amused Walsh.

My eyes start to droop again, but then I think about something else. “Walsh?”

“Jorie,” he returns with annoyance.

“Do you really think I should try to work things out with Vince?”

Normally, Walsh is measured in his responses, taking a moment to process his thoughts. But his answer is swift and adamant, and it makes me smile. “Not while you’re in my bed. I don’t share.”

“Of course, you share.” My sarcasm is unmistakable toward the man who belongs to a sex club.

“I don’t share you,” he says adamantly, and warmth blooms in my chest. “Ever.”

“Not even if we’re at the club together?” I press, wanting to know how proprietary he is of me because it makes me feel good about myself.

“Are you trying to piss me off?” he returns.

“How will I ever know what a threesome is like if you don’t show me?” I taunt with a small laugh.

“You’re testing my patience,” he growls back.

“It’s every girl’s dream,” I say wistfully with a mischievous grin to myself. “Being filled up by two men and having—”

Walsh rolls and flips me to my stomach so fast, I go dizzy from the momentum. Then he’s kneeling beside me and pulling me to my knees, positioning my ass in the air. His hand slaps my right cheek with a resounding crack and I yip from the pain, immediately trying to drop back down to the mattress.

“Oh no, you don’t,” he growls, but I hear the teasing in his voice. “You’re getting a lesson and then an orgasm.”

I try not to laugh as he pulls me back up, smacks me on my left cheek, and then another slap between my legs like he did at the club. Suddenly, I’m not laughing anymore.

I’m moaning.

God, why do I like that?

“Jesus, Jorie,” Walsh says in a rough voice, the teasing completely gone. “You don’t know how sexy it is to see my cum leaking out of you.”

“Walsh,” I whisper and then moan again as his hand goes between my legs. He slips two fingers in me, and I make the mistake of looking over my shoulder at him. He’s leaned over, staring in fascination at his fingers working in and out of me. It’s so damn hot, and I want to memorialize that look on his face.

His eyes slide to mine, and they’re dark and lustful. “Feeling adventurous?”

“With you?” I ask, my voice hoarse with need. “Always.”

With a growl of satisfaction, Walsh drags his fingers out of my pussy, pulling his semen up in between my ass cheeks. He rubs his finger around my hole and I hold my breath, waiting for him to enter me. It’s not the first time he’s had his fingers in my ass. He worked up to three earlier tonight, and I love the feeling.

Absolutely love it.

I also know he’s preparing me.

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