After we quickly release each other, she steps back and surveys my apartment as if it’s her first time. She told Micah we met for breakfast one day, but he sure as shit doesn’t know I’ve fucked her on almost every piece of furniture in this apartment. He’ll never know she went to her knees right where we’re standing in front of the elevator and swallowed every drop of cum I gave her.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I have an overwhelming urge to fake a stomachache, a migraine, a goddamn stroke for all I care at this moment, and beg off from this entire weekend.

Instead, I put a smile on my face and tell them, “Come on. We’ve got prime seats in Moulineaux tonight. I’ve not eaten there yet, but heard it’s amazing.”

Jorie smiles back at me before turning to hook her arm through Micah’s. She leans over and puts her head on his arm as she’s too short to reach his shoulder. They both stroll into the elevator.

This night can’t get over with fast enough for me.

“God, I’m stuffed,” Jorie says as she licks the last of her chocolate mousse off her spoon and thank God, we’re sitting at the table so no one can see my arousal. I’m not sure what it says about me that I’ve been like this most of the night, just sitting across the table from this beautiful creature.

“This was really good,” Micah says in agreement as he pushes his own empty dessert flute away. He picks up his scotch, which I think might be his fourth of the night, and swirls it around before taking a sip. So much for not drinking tonight.

When he sets it back down, he turns to Jorie and asks, “Have you decided on anything with Vince?”

I immediately tense up at the personal question leveled at his sister right out of the blue, and I guess the liquor is making him too loose with his words.

“We’ve talked a little,” she says easily, but I notice the tightness just around the corners of her mouth. “He wants me to come back.”

Micah doesn’t know the details of what happened. Only Elena and I know Vince kicked her out of the home because he didn’t like her performance in bed. Jorie only told him that they separated per Vince’s request and he asked her to leave.

“And are you?” Micah presses her.

Her eyes cut to mine before going back to her brother. “Now’s probably not the best time to talk about it.”

“Why not?” Micah says, turning to look to me for a moment, then back to Jorie. “I’m your brother. Walsh is as good as a brother. We care about you.”

God, I want to shoot myself.

Jorie nods and gives a confident smile. “Well, okay… in that case, I don’t think I’m interested in reconciling. I’ve been using this time on my own to evaluate what I want, and I’m pretty sure it’s not marriage to Vince.”

“He hurt you,” Micah says tenderly. “I get that. Some things can’t be undone.”

Jorie’s eyes turn soft as they soak in her brother’s words, and then I’m fucking ripped wide open when she says, “Vince doesn’t want children. We might have been able to repair everything else, but it’s something I very much want one day.”

Micah’s hand crosses the table and takes Jorie’s. He squeezes it and leans toward her. “You would make a fucking fantastic mother. You get back out there, find the love of your life, and make beautiful babies, okay? I can’t wait to be an uncle.”

Jorie’s smile back to him is bright, and there’s no tightness at all around her mouth now. “I will, Micah. I promise.”

I swear to God I’m going to throw up. How could I not know this about Jorie? I’ve had my cock in her ass, my cum in her pussy, but I didn’t know how she strongly she wanted children. I mean… I assumed she might, but I had no clue it was a bone of contention with her husband. It goes far deeper than I ever imagined.

Moreover, how in the hell can I keep this up with her when she wants so much out of life, and I can’t be the one to give it to her?

But man, if we had babies together, they’d be stunning.

I shake my head and stand up from the table in a little lurch. My head swims with the implications of what I’m doing with Jorie and what she’s failing to get. Vince is a non-issue to me now. I’d worried I was perhaps blocking her from her soul mate or something, but it’s clear he’s not the guy for her.

It’s even clearer I’m not the guy, either. Or at least, I can’t be that guy for her. Micah wouldn’t understand.

Or would he? my subconscious pipes up.

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