My gut clenches as I remember the pain in Walsh’s voice tonight when he admitted to sending that photo to Micah. Not knowing who I was, wanting Micah to be excited about it.

I don’t let it sicken me, though. The experience with Walsh was beautiful. He had no clue it was me, so it was an innocent mistake in sending it to my brother. It kills me to know that this has been weighing on him, and I really want to be with him tonight so I can reiterate that. I can’t stand the thought of him being weighed down so heavily about this.

As minutes tick by and I don’t get a response, I assume Walsh is just asleep.

Or he’s ignoring you because he’s calling it quits, that stupid fucking voice in my head says slyly.

Tears spring to my eyes as I think about losing Walsh, and I know I’ll do anything to prevent that. Even if it means I can never tell Micah about our relationship.

Even if it means I’ll be nothing more to him than a secret.

It’s better than nothing as far as I’m concerned. Seeing the misery on Walsh’s face and hearing the burden in his voice made it clear to me that Micah cannot know about us.

The knock on the door startles me and my heart rate accelerates. There’s no one it can be other than Walsh.

I drop my phone on the chair by the window and quickly walk to the door. Taking a deep breath, I open it. He stands there… eyes crackling with pent-up frustration and lust. His gaze roams hungrily over my body, then I’m in his arms and he’s carrying me to the bed.

He’s eerily quiet as he strips the silk and satin from my body, ignoring my shoes. He pulls me to the end of the bed, drops to his knees, and eats me out like he’s starving. I shudder and cry out a quick release, but he doesn’t stop. He devours me again, going rougher. Shoving fingers in my pussy, getting them wet, and then shoving them in my ass.

I come a second time, arching into the pleasure and crying out his name.

Walsh is then up, stripping his clothes off with lightning speed. I use the moment to crawl back onto the bed, my legs spread open wantonly with blatant invitation.

He takes it. Crawling up my body, raising and spreading my legs before driving into me with brutal force. It hurts and it doesn’t. I quickly adjust as he starts moving within me. That beautiful face of his awash with ecstasy. Those golden eyes locked onto mine.

For a moment, he looks down and I think it might be in shame, but it’s to further his lust. He watches his cock pounding in and out of me. I drop my gaze there, too, and it’s sensory overload as I watch him fuck me.

Walsh brings a thumb to my clit, presses down on it, and I can feel the sensation from his cock on the other side of it. Three, maybe four hard strokes from Walsh and I’m bursting apart again.

With glazed eyes, Walsh looks back to me. His breathing harsh, his jaw locked tight. I see he’s close, then he’s pulling out of me and coming all over my stomach and breasts with a long groan of release. It’s so fucking sexy. I always feel like he’s marking me as his when he does that.

When he’s empty, he pushes his cock back into me. He moves his hips gently, tiny little shudders still coursing through both of us.

Finally, he stops moving and runs a finger through the semen on my skin. Without a word, he brings it to my mouth and rubs it on my lips. I lick after him, wanting his mellow taste on my tongue.

He smiles at me with such tenderness, my heart pulses with joy. Then he pulls out and heads into the bathroom. He returns with a wet cloth, cleans me off, and tosses it to the floor before crawling onto the mattress and pulling me into his arms.

“Is Micah asleep?” I ask him.

“I think so,” he says back quietly.

We lay together, arms wrapped tight, and I know this evening is playing on rewind in our minds. I take the moment to reassure him. “I won’t ever tell him, Walsh. I promise. This is just between you and me forever. Even if you’re done with me, I’ll never tell.”

Walsh squeezes me hard and mutters, “Christ, Jorie… I don’t think I can ever be done with you.”

“I don’t want to be done with you, either,” I whisper.

“But you want things that—”

“Don’t say it,” I break into his thoughts urgently. “All you need to know is that I want you and that is more than I could want for anything right now.”

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