And I was going to get laid tonight and prove to myself—and that asshole Vince—that I had it going on in between my legs.

Elena leads me through the main room through a set of double doors and into a foyer with several hallways that lead to the various sex rooms. While I admire Elena and her open sexual nature, I make her promise me again.

“When I decide on someone, you’re going to leave the room, right?”

“I promise, Jorie,” she says with a squeeze to my arm. “I know it’s going to be awkward enough; you don’t need your best friend watching.”

I stop and turn to face her. “Thank you. You know you’re the best thing to ever happen to me, right?”

“Right,” she says with a sharp nod. “Now let’s go dust the cobwebs off your hoo-hah.”

Laughing, she turns me to the right and we head down the hall that says The Silo.

This was my preference as she told me there were a few rooms in The Silo that had curtains that could be drawn in case I got a little shy and didn’t want people watching. I have no clue what my preference will be because I’m half expecting to bolt out of here the minute I get my first look at the debauchery.

When we walk in, my breath is sucked from my lungs as I look around.

People having sex everywhere.

On couches, on the floor. Standing up against the wall.

And then my eyes take in the glass-walled rooms on the perimeter of the circular Silo, and I suck in a hard breath. There’s a room with a set of stocks. A woman is locked inside while a guy fucks her mouth gently, and another has his face buried in her ass.

Another room has a man tied to a St. Andrew’s cross, getting his dick sucked by a man and a woman taking turns on him.

And still another room where there’s a mattress with a single couple getting their sixty-nine on.

“Hot, right?” Elena breathes into my ear. A shiver runs up my spine as my panties get drenched with a rush of moisture.

“Oh, wow,” I tell her softly. “I never could have imagined this.”

“See anything you like?” she asks me slyly.

And yes, I see a lot I like. I look around at the people, immediately noting several men staring at me and Elena hungrily behind their masks.

I’m so getting laid tonight.

And then, I see him.


A fucking god.

Wearing nothing but a pair of faded jeans that hang low on lean hips, above which rises a trail of dark hair that stops at his navel. He’s not the type of guy who struts around flexing his abs, but I could tell if he did, they’d be washboard perfection. Muscular chest and arms, but in a toned way.

Tanned skin.

No, not tanned… olive.


And that’s all I can see because he’s hooded. His entire head is covered in a form-fitting leather mask. It must be laced or zipped up the back, revealing only a pair of golden-brown eyes, full lips, and dark, longish hair.

“God, he’s magnificent,” Elena whispers as he walks from the opposite side of the room.

No, not walks.

He prowls, but not toward any particular prey. Arms hanging loose but swinging slightly in that confident way that says, “I’m the fucking shit and I know it.” The confidence exuding from him is sexy as hell.

He doesn’t look at anyone, just quickly walks down a short hall in between two of the rooms and disappears.

I’m slightly dizzy because I’ve forgotten to breathe, and I take in a shaky lungful of air. When I let it out slowly, I register abject disappointment that he’s gone.

“Oh, this is interesting,” Elena murmurs as she nudges me in the shoulder. I follow her gaze to one of the previously unoccupied rooms. It’s now lit up.

The masked man is in there. He’s all alone except for some type of furniture that’s covered completely in a silk sheet. Casually walking up to it, he takes the material in hand. He pulls it off not with a magician’s flourish, but slowly so the object is revealed.

And it’s a…

Well, I’m not quite sure what it is. He walks around it, blocking it from my view for a moment. People move toward the glass to get a better look. Before I know it, my legs are moving, too, and Elena follows me so we are standing right in front of the room, the sexy, mysterious man no more than five feet from us on the other side.

He is doing something with the contraption, and when he finally moves away to face the crowd, I vaguely register people gasping.

But my eyes are pinned on him as his gaze sweeps the crowd.

“Holy shit,” Elena mutters. “That is some freaky shit.”

My body jolts at the heat in her words, and I follow her gaze. My pussy floods with wetness at the sight.

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