“Jorie,” Walsh snaps at me as he takes me by the shoulders. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” I say automatically.

Well, shit… I feel that deep in my bones. I do trust him.

“Then trust me when I say, I’ll be thinking about you the entire time. I will be faithful to you. I’ll come back and when Micah is asleep, I’ll come to you in this same room and fuck some reassurance into you.”

The tears well up in my eyes, and Walsh looks crushed by my reaction. He pulls me into him hard and wraps his arms around me.

“Fuck it,” he growls before pressing a hard kiss to the top of my head. “I’ll back out of it. I’ll figure a way to get Micah there without me.”

Overwhelmingly deep love courses through me for Walsh, and the lengths he’d go to assuage something as stupid as jealousy.

I shake my head adamantly and pull back to look at him. “No. Don’t. I’ll be fine. I trust you.”

“I’ll do whatever you want me to, Jorie.”

“Go with Micah,” I say even though I still can’t stand the thought of it. “He expects it, and we don’t want him suspicious.”

Walsh pulls me back to the bed, and then makes love to me slowly. While our first fucking was all about the feelings and the orgasm, this time Walsh spends an extraordinary amount of time telling me just how much he wants me, how beautiful I am, how no one compares to me.

Every word is a balm to my heart because I take it from him with the knowledge that I know he loves me. I just have to figure out how I can have him without any secrets, and not ruin his relationship with my brother in the process.



This is absolute torture.

It must be what hell is like.

I sit at the bar in The Silo and nurse a ginger ale, mainly to keep the ruse going that I’m too under the weather to participate with Micah. He seemed to accept it, and I think that had something to do with the fact he easily found a woman who agreed to use the dildo machine with him.

Now I watch him in action. I can’t see clearly as he’s drawn a crowd around the glass wall, but I see enough to know what he’s doing, and I can’t lie… it turns me on. It turns me on because I remember Jorie on that machine and I’ve fantasized about getting her back on it.

We got here about an hour ago and, within two minutes, I was ready to leave. But Jerico met us and of course, Micah had to get the grand tour. They chatted easily about some of the designs Micah was working on, but I only listened with half an ear. I was too busy feeling guilty about being here in the first place.

I shouldn’t be here without Jorie.

I know some couples swing without each other in attendance, but I don’t want to fucking swing. I might be a pussy for admitting it, but I just don’t want anyone but her. If this clusterfuck ever gets outed, or Jorie decides she’s had enough and wants to move on to a better prospect, then I’m not sure how I get over having someone like her.

We finally came to The Silo, as Jerico saved it for last so Micah could watch his machine in action. Micah was spectacularly proud—he should be—but immensely turned on. He had an erection popping the front of his dress slacks while we watched and discussed potential modifications.

And I can’t lie about that either. Watching the machine being used, remembering it with Jorie, and listening to Jerico and Micah talking about how he could make a variety of attachments to mount on the piston had me sporting wood too. I was horny as fuck for Jorie, and I couldn’t wait to get the fuck out of here and meet her in the hotel room that sits sixteen stories beneath my penthouse apartment.

“He’s got some really clever ideas,” Jerico says as he sits down on a stool beside me. “Those machines could be high dollar too.”

I shrug as I watch Micah through the glass. He’s got a woman on the machine, and he’s playing with the remote. I can hear her screams of pleasure, and my dick gets a little harder.

“He makes a lot of money through his engineering firm,” I point out. “This is just a hobby for him.”

“I don’t think so,” Jerico says, and that catches my attention. I turn to look at him. “I think he’s considering doing this full time. Design and then mass production.”

“You’re shitting me?” I ask in astonishment. I mean, Micah likes kinky shit, but I didn’t know it was his passion.

Jerico turns and I do the same, both of us watching Micah, who is now unbuttoning his pants. The woman is getting jackhammered by the dildo, which has obviously been exchanged out for a new one after the last woman was on it.

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