“I offered to stake him the money if he wants to do it,” Jerico says, and my head again snaps back to him. He doesn’t look at me though, merely watching Micah in action for a few moments.

I’m completely stunned. I thought Micah was like me. Professional by day, kinky bastard by night. The thought of him moving into the sex industry full time is a shocker for sure and not necessarily the best decision in my opinion. I’m not sure Jorie is going to like this either.

Micah catches my attention again back in the glassed room. He’s naked now and kneels to make an adjustment on the seat. It raises the woman a bit higher, and tilts so her ass sticks out. The dildo continues fucking her from underneath the seat’s opening.

He makes another adjustment, I believe pulling the pistoning arm back a bit, and her ass moves back even more. There’s no mistaking his intention.

I sip at my ginger ale, missing Jorie so much I ache, and incredibly turned on because Micah is doing to that woman what I want to do to his sister. We’d even talked about doing a re-creation of our first night together on that machine. Jorie’s ass accommodates me beautifully now, so she suggested moving it to the next level on one of our visits to the club.

That would be a special visit for sure. Jorie and I had cut our time here back to barely once a week. Neither of us needed the stimulation the club provided, our attraction and desire for one another keeping us constantly fueled.

I’d give anything right now to just have her in my empty apartment, chilling out on the couch and watching Netflix.

And fucking before we went to sleep, of course.

I watch with growing discomfort as Micah takes the woman’s ass as roughly as the machine is giving it to her. But I know it’s okay because I’ve seen that woman in here plenty and she likes it that way. I’ve seen her do double anal without so much as blinking.

Right now, she’s screaming out in ecstasy and shuddering as her body is wracked with orgasms. Micah’s head falls back as he comes inside of her, and my dick gets harder as I watch him slowly move in and out of her ass while he amps up the speed of the dildo in her pussy.

She screams and comes again.

“He’ll make a killing off those machines,” Jerico murmurs, his eyes pinned on Micah.

I can’t say I disagree. Fuck, I’d like to have one installed in my apartment so Jorie could ride it every night.

“Now,” Jerico says as he stands from the stool. “I’m completely fucking horny for Trista. I’m heading out, but tell Micah I’ll follow up with him during the week to discuss this more.”

I reach a hand out, and Jerico shakes it. “Sure thing. See you around.”

“Will I?” Jerico says with a grin. “You’re never here anymore and I only see you with that dark-haired beauty you won’t share with anyone.”

Christ, I didn’t realize Jerico had seen me here with Jorie. He’s almost never here when I am to begin with and when Jorie and I come in, we do our thing and then leave.

“I’ve not seen her, but Larissa told Trista who told me,” he explains as if he could read my mind. “I hate to lose one of my most popular patrons, but I wish you the best, buddy.”

“Thanks,” I say with a dry throat and a jerk of my chin in acknowledgment.

Jerico leaves, and I’m thankful he hasn’t seen Jorie. He’d be able to tell she was Micah’s sister in a heartbeat.

My head starts throbbing… an honest-to-goodness headache that makes my boner deflate. Now that Micah got his rocks off, I’m hoping we can head back to my apartment. He’s got a morning flight out, and I know he won’t want to stay out too late.

I just really need to be with Jorie right now, if for nothing other than to make the most of our time together.

I slip into the hotel room, and I can tell by the utter silence that Jorie’s asleep. I didn’t get out of The Wicked Horse as early as I’d planned. Micah wanted to fuck on The Deck. I was thankfully able to use my slight “vertigo” problem to beg off. I’d not had an episode in years, but he doesn’t know that. I don’t fuck out on The Deck mainly for that reason, so it wasn’t an out-and-out lie.

I had told Micah I was going to explore the other rooms, so he probably thought I’d had sex with someone despite my “stomach issue”. This was fine by me.

We didn’t talk about it on the way home because he was trashed. He passed out face down on the guest bed, and I felt confident I could slip away to be with Jorie. I made a mental note to ask Jorie if she thought Micah was drinking too much lately. It was starting to become a concern, but then again… it didn’t seem to affect his regular life so I wasn’t sure.

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