I take off my clothes and slide into the bed, spooning up behind her. I know instantly she’s awake by how stiff she is in my arms. I pull her in closely and whisper, “I’m so fucking glad to be here right now.”

She responds by wiggling her ass against my dick. It starts to respond, and I mutter, “Yes, I’m horny from watching that stuff all night, and yes, I want to fuck you, but for now… let me just hold you for a bit, okay?”

“Was it awful?” she asks, her voice carrying concern for me hanging out in a sex club all night. That’s whacked.

“It was hell, baby,” I tell her softly.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she says into the darkness.

“I know.” My arms lock tighter around her. “I won’t ever go there again without you.”

“Deal,” she says softly, and I think all is okay.

“In fact,” I add on. “I’m okay if we don’t go back there again.”

This surprises her, and she wiggles in my embrace so she can flip around and face me. I can’t see her features very well, but the tone of her voice tells me that makes her wary.

“Why not?”

“I don’t need it to have it bad for you, Jorie,” I explain. “I’ve got it bad for you 24/7.”

“It’s fun, but I don’t need it either,” she says, and my body relaxes. “Maybe only for special occasions.”

I chuckle. “And one last hoorah to get you on that machine. I want that again.”

“Mmm,” she murmurs as she drops her hand down to my cock. Her warm hand starts to stroke me as she whispers, “I want that again, too.”

My hand goes between her legs, and she’s perfectly wet for me. “Missed this tonight. Fantasized about this tonight.”

“It’s yours every night,” she says. For a moment, I imagine a world I could have Jorie in my future for real. Where I could be open about it and not keep her like a dirty little secret from her brother.

Pulling my hand out from between her legs, I toss the covers off us and roll to my back. My hand goes to her head. “Get those lips on my cock.”

She sits up, goes to her knees, and immediately leans over me. She takes me in deep and has gotten so fucking good, she can swallow the tip of my dick now without any reaction. She does so now, and a grunt of pleasure escapes me. I allow myself just a moment of pure bliss in this woman’s mouth, then my hands are on her hips and I’m dragging her over me.

She doesn’t need any encouragement. We’ve sixty-nined several times before, trying out a variety of positions. This is my favorite though because she lowers her pussy to my face and rubs herself all over my mouth. Jorie has blossomed and isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. She sure as fuck isn’t afraid to give.

My tongue drives in deep as I use my hands on her hips to help move her on me. I take breaths of air when I can, allow myself to feel her on my dick, and I eat her out hard. Best fucking meal in the world in my opinion.

It doesn’t take her long, but then again, it never does. I’m always a little stunned and totally full of myself how fast I can get her off, but she’s always super reactive to my tongue. She explodes, grinds down on me, and scrapes her teeth up my cock at the same time.

Fuck, that feels good.

I let her barely lick me for a few moments as she experiences the full orgasm, but once the tremors die away, she’s back on my cock again. In deep, her throat clamping tight to the tip each time. Jorie’s hand goes to my balls and I close my eyes, giving in to nothing but sensation while I casually pet her sensitive clit. I think about putting my mouth back on her, but honestly… Jorie’s so good at sucking my cock now, I just want to experience it. I’ll get her off again after.

Pulling all the way off me, she whispers in the dark, “Raise your legs up and spread them for me, Walsh.”

This is new, but I don’t hesitate to comply. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her when it comes to sex.

I can’t see what she’s doing as her pussy’s blocking by view, but then her warm mouth is back on me, working my shaft.

Then I feel her finger pressing against my hole, and I can’t fucking help but tense. It’s wet and warm, I’m assuming from a trip to her mouth before she took me back in.

She bobs her head faster, her hand stroking my balls. I relax, give into the feeling for a few blissful moments, and then she’s pushing that delicate finger straight into my ass.

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