I bark out a cry of surprise and pleasure all at the same time, and I’m completely unprepared for the orgasm that rips through me. Jorie hums in appreciation as she sucks me down, gently moving her finger in and out as I continue to come and come and come.

“Holy fuck,” I groan, my hips rising off the bed to get more of her mouth? More of her finger? I have no fucking clue, but that was some intense shit.

When I’m absolutely spent, she pulls off me and gently slides her finger out.

“Jesus, Jorie,” I mutter. “You’re a fucking dirty girl.”

“I’ve been reading,” she says, and I can hear the satisfied smirk in her tone.

“You deserve another orgasm for that,” I tell her as I pull her back down onto my face, and she sighs with contentment.



Walsh knocks on the bathroom door again and impatiently calls out, “Come on, Jorie. It seriously can’t take you that long to get ready.”

I giggle and look at Elena as she glues the last feather in place. We’d commandeered his master bathroom tonight so I could recreate my outfit from the night we first met at the club, down to the last peacock feather. Elena gladly volunteered to help get me ready, and I can’t wait to see his face.

I can’t wait to get on that machine tonight at The Wicked Horse. We’re going in sort of thinking this is our last time for a while, and then we’re going to step back from the club and just have each other. I feel it’s the right thing to do while we establish this weird relationship of ours.

Micah flew out early this morning. I miss him already, but there’s also a sense of relief that he’s gone. That I can be with Walsh and be free about it at the same time. That doesn’t mean that I won’t give up hope that I can have it all; it’s just right now I’m focused on taking this one day at a time.

And today—or rather tonight—Walsh is going to put me right back on that machine that started this all.

“We’ll be out in a few minutes,” I call back to him, and he groans in frustration.

Elena laughs quietly and whispers, “You’re a lucky bitch to have a man who pushes every one of your buttons in the right way, you know that, right?”

“Right,” I say with a firm nod of my head.

“You realize now, Vince was wrong about you,” she says as her fingertips smooth the feather she just placed down.

I look at her through the mirror over the vanity and shake my head slightly. “I don’t know that he was.”

“What?” she asks in surprise.

“I think I gave Vince all I had,” I tell her in a surprising moment of truth that I just now seemed to understand. “I didn’t love him enough to give myself to him so freely. He didn’t give me enough so I’d want to give him back more.”

“Whoa, shit,” Elena mutters in a whisper. “You love Walsh?”

I give her a smile. “I think what I feel for him surpasses just love. Our lives are so complicated and have been entwined forever, so what I feel for him is just so much more than the way I loved Vince.”

“Girl,” Elena says as she blinks her eyes to dispel some tears that has formed. “That is some powerful shit. Making me cry and everything.”

I pat her arm and laugh. “Well, things are beyond messed up right now, but I’m hoping that my dreams will turn into reality at some point.”

“I have faith they will,” she says with a resolute nod of her head. “Now… you are stunning. Go get your man. You two go get your rocks off spectacularly while I go home and eat cookie dough.”

Standing up, I reach out and grab Elena for a hard hug. “Thank you for being the best friend imaginable. I don’t know what I’d ever do without you.”

“Aww… I love you, tootsie,” she says as she hugs me back just as hard.

“I can’t believe you recreated the feathers,” Walsh says in wonder as we walk hand in hand through The Silo. I take in the scene, note the various people having sex, or just mingling. I smile to myself at the stocks in the room next to the dildo machine, as Walsh had me in there one night.

I’ve become a complete exhibitionist, getting off now on people watching us together. It’s so fucking dirty and liberating at the same time. I’d love to go somewhere else with Walsh and have public sex with him, but I’m terrified of getting arrested so that will probably never happen. I snicker at the thought.

“What’s so funny?” Walsh asks as he leads me to the hallway that goes behind the glassed rooms. Walsh reserved the dildo machine for eleven, so it’s ready and waiting for us. The only thing different tonight was I didn’t wear panties, and only because it was moot. They were coming off as soon as I walked in the door.

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