“I was just thinking I’d like to have public sex with you somewhere, but I’m afraid of getting busted,” I tell him truthfully.

He gives me a deep laugh in return and pulls my hand up to his mouth for a quick kiss. “I’ll make it happen, baby.”

“Where?” I ask suspiciously.

“Hell, there are any number of hotels here that I can get a room that looks practically into the next building over. We’ll go fuck all night up against the window. Plenty of people will see us.”

Well, damn… that makes me wet.

Walsh opens the door to our room that holds Micah’s amazing invention, and I get even wetter.

“God, Walsh,” I whisper to him as he drops my hand and shuts the door. “I think I can actually feel my heartbeat in my clit right now.”

He chuckles and steps into me. One hand goes to my neck as he presses his mouth to mine in a deep kiss. The other goes in between my legs as he rubs my clit for research purposes.

“Totally throbbing,” he says against my mouth and I laugh back at him. Then he’s turning me to the machine and says, “Let’s get you saddled up. I’ve got a raging hard-on, so I want to make you come a few times, fuck your ass, then I want to go back to my apartment and start season three of Sons of Anarchy.”

That makes me giggle. I’ve been introducing Walsh to some of my favorite TV shows as he’s never been a guy who just likes to lay around and chill. But that’s certainly changing.

For the moment, we ignore the people outside of the glass window. I can sense them pressing in, but Walsh keeps me otherwise preoccupied as he leads me up to the machine. Before he asks me to even straddle it, he brings his hands to my face and kisses me again. This time it’s soft and sweet and so contrary to what we’re getting ready to do.

“You’re amazing, Jorie,” he murmurs to me. “There’s no one who could ever compare to you.”

I smile at him, my heart turning to absolute mush. “I feel the same, Walsh. It’s only you.”

“Alright then,” he says softly and spins me to the machine. “Work yourself down on that cock, baby.”

It’s for total flare that I pull the stretchy material of my dress up so the curve of my ass is bared to the crowd but the mystery of my pussy stays covered. Walsh wouldn’t care if I stripped completely as he has no problem with people looking… just touching.

Walsh holds the dildo for me as I start to work it in. I flex and rotate my hips, taking it into my body an inch at a time. I was so wet at the thought of doing this with Walsh that it slides in easily. When I’m seated to the hilt, Walsh takes the remote control off a small table. I feel his hand at my back and my eyes flutter closed as he turns it on a very low vibration. It doesn’t even move up and down, just buzzes within me.

So fucking nice. I lean forward, turn my head, and rest my cheek against the padded incline bench. I open my eyes to look at people watching, and I’m paralyzed with horror as I realize Micah is standing at the back of the crowd with fury in his eyes.

“Oh, fuck,” I cry out as I scramble off the dildo.

Walsh is so stunned that he grabs my hips to steady me. “What’s wrong, Jor?”

“Micah,” I say as tears form in my eyes. “I just saw him at the back of the crowd.”

“Impossible,” Walsh murmurs, but he looks around The Silo, same as me. We both see him storming out the door at the same time.

I don’t hesitate. I pull my dress down and run for the door, Walsh close on my heels.

I can hear the murmur of confused people as they watch us emerge from the back hallway and run for the exit.

We chase after Micah. Although I don’t see him anymore, there’s no doubt he’s on his way out of the club. Walsh and I spend a tense, quiet ride down the elevator as I don’t bother trying to hold the tears back. Walsh tries to reach out to me, but I shake my head furiously, too overwhelmed with embarrassment and shame that Micah saw me like that. I feel like I’m going to puke.

When the elevator hits the lobby of the hotel, Walsh bursts out and shoots across the marble floor. He pushes through the doorway, me right behind him, and we come to a stop as we look left and right for my brother. We both locate him down at the end of the block, and we run that way. We come to a stop a few feet away as Micah just stands there, not moving.

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