Then his hand is out of his pocket and working at his belt. He efficiently takes his dick out, and it looks very nice from where I am. It’s thick and hard, and he crudely spits in his hand to give himself some lube. The action is so dirty, and it’s so perverted that he’s getting off on me getting off, that an orgasm takes me by surprise. My back arches so my body presses into the glass, and my eyes close tight for a few seconds, while pleasure wracks my body.

“Fucking beautiful,” Walsh murmurs, and my eyes slide open, immediately locking on the man still jacking off, although his strokes have slowed down a bit too, perhaps to wait for us to start up again. He gives me a wicked smile as he masturbates.

“Fuck me, baby,” I tell Walsh as I reach a hand back and take his dick in a hard squeeze.

“As my wife demands,” Walsh says, and then he steps away for a moment. Then because I feel dirty as hell, I slip my hand down between my legs and lightly stroke my clit, but it’s so sensitive it almost hurts. The man in the other building appreciates this and throws me a devilish grin.

Walsh is back, and he’s pulled a chair to the window. He turns me so my body is parallel to the window and pushes me over the back of it. I hold onto the top edge and spread my legs as Walsh comes to stand behind me.

I watch the man in the window, who is now watching us both hungrily. His hand is moving a little faster and he’s twisting at the top. I hear the snick of a lube bottle opening, and I don’t even startle because I very much like that sound. Walsh owns my ass lock, stock, and barrel and I love his cock there.

My husband squirts some cool gel in between my ass cheeks, moving me slightly so the guy jacking off can get an unobstructed view of what Walsh is getting ready to do.

But the guy knows. He started stroking faster when he saw Walsh lubing me up.

Then I feel the fat head of Walsh’s cock at my backside, and he’s gently pushing the tip in. When it breaches the tight ring of muscle, he’s able to slide all the way in with one push.

The masturbating guy’s eyes go wide at my ability to handle that, and then I have to forget about him a moment as Walsh starts to fuck my ass. He’s putting on a show too. Because he knows I can handle it, he sets up a very fast pace.

My back arches and I toss my head in ecstasy as I take a moment to feel my husband’s dick work in and out of me. I push my hand between my legs and play with myself, and when I’m able to handle the rhythm, I turn to watch the guy jacking off. He’s tugging on his cock hard, breathing heavily as he watches us. I slide my gaze back to the other windows, and while the one guy still has his nose buried in a newspaper, apparently the woman who was exercising has stopped not only to watch, but she’s also called two of her friends to the window.

It appears we’ve got a crowd.

Walsh groans and grunts, now giving me quite a pounding because he’s turned on as hell that people are watching.

“Going to come, Jor,” he growls as he plows into me.

And then with a bark, he pulls out of me and comes all over my back and ass. The minute the first warm splash hits my skin, I climax with him. My head drops down. I groan as Walsh pushes his cock back in my ass, where he just slowly moves back and forth while his fingers spread his semen around my skin. I close my eyes and sigh with contentment. I have no clue if the guy across the way came, but I’m going to assume he did.

It doesn’t matter to me though, because my husband is then pulling out of me and drawing the curtains closed. He picks me up, carries me to the bathroom, and starts to run us a bath.

I lean back against the vanity and just take a moment to admire the hard planes of his back, and his hair that’s still way too long for a businessman, but I love it so much.

As if he senses I’m staring, he looks over his shoulder at me with a smile. “Like that?”

“Mmm-hmm,” I acknowledge with a purr. “That was hot.”

Walsh tests the water, adds some bath salts, and then stands up. He pulls me into him while we wait for the bath to fill up.

“When do you want to start making babies?” he asks casually, and it startles me so much, my head flies up and I hit him in the chin.

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