“It’s in,” she moans as her ass hits the seat, and what a picture she makes as I turn to examine her.

Legs spread wide, just the tips of her toes pressed into the concrete floor. Her hands are on her thighs, her nails digging into her own creamy skin.

Yeah… not all the way in, but I’m going to rectify that.

“Hold still.” I bend to take her wrists, pulling her arms up to the inclining bench in front of her and pushing her hands to the padding. Without my command, she grips the leather covering at the edges, her knuckles going white. I glance down and see her eyes closed tight, lips pressed into a hard line.

“Going to make an adjustment,” I tell her so she’s not taken by surprise. “Lean forward a bit.”

She does with a tiny moan as the flexibility of the dildo causes it to move within her. Squatting down behind her, I reach under the contraption and pull on a lever with one hand while my other holds the padded seat. I push it up, angling it toward the inclined bench. It pushes her body forward, and she cries out in surprise as her chest is pushed into the incline. The reverse angle of the seat to the padded incline, along with half the dildo wedged in her pussy, has her pinned in place.

Just fucking perfect.

“This is going to get intense,” I tell her quietly. “Just hold on and don’t move.”

“Okay,” she murmurs, her voice tight with anticipation.

God, I hope she holds on and doesn’t jump off once I fire this baby up.

Reaching under the bench, I flip an electric switch. The engine gives a faint purr as the dildo—which is attached to a jackhammer-type stud—starts to move slowly inside of her.

“Fuck,” she screams as it pulls out and gives her the four inches plus another two, but she doesn’t move.

“Easy.” I put a hand on her lower back. “Let it do the work.”

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.”

With my fingertips, I pull the skirt up to bare her ass, almost coming as I watch the dildo working in and out of her from behind.

“Christ,” I mutter as I stare mesmerized for a moment.

“So good,” she moans as she turns her face to lay her feathered cheek on the padded bench, away from the glass window. She opens her eyes, and her stare is blissed out and blank.

Standing straight, I take a few faltering steps back, my hand involuntarily going to my cock to rub it through my jeans. I do this briefly before reaching into my front pocket, pushing past the tube of lipstick I’d put back in there after writing my invitation on the glass, and pulling out the tiny remote control.

I hesitate for only a moment before I push an upward arrow button to increase the speed. The other button, I leave alone because it would increase the depth. She’s so tiny, and I don’t want to hurt her. I’ll leave it at six inches.

The dildo-vibrator now hammers faster into her pussy. Shiny wet pussy juices shimmer on it, but my gaze slides to her face. A single tear of desperation falls out of her eye and soaks the feather below it. I hit the speed button one more notch, and she starts to moan.

Jesus… this is better than I ever thought could happen with this machine, and I have to let Micah see the fruits of his labor.

I jam my hand into my back pocket, tag my phone and pull it out. I don’t hesitate in the slightest pulling up the camera. The woman is unidentifiable with her body still mostly covered, no identifying tattoos or marks I could see, and her face and head covered with feathers. She’s simply my bird right now, but Micah has got to see this baby in action.

He’s the one that built it for me, after all. A true engineering marvel.

My fingers shake as I take a picture of the entire contraption fucking the woman, then I zoom in and take a close up of the dildo stroking her pussy.

I fire them off to Micah followed by a quick text message. You are fucking brilliant.

I don’t expect him to reply, but his responding “ding” causes me to look at my phone. Goddamn. I’ve got a hard-on.

Ditto, I respond.But I’m going to get mine taken care of very soon.

Asshole, he replies. Call me later and give me details.

Oh, I totally will. He’s going to want not just the details about how hard this makes her come, but he’s also going to want to know how well the machine works. It’s not the first he’s built, but it’s the best. His goal of starting a high-end, custom-built sex machine business looks like it might be more than just an idea over beers now. While his real job as a mechanical engineer pays him well, he’s got a kinky side he likes to explore.

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