I shove my phone back in my pocket and walk up to the woman getting fucked by a jack-hammering dildo. Moving around to the side of the machine so I can see her face, I squat so we are eye to eye. Her focus is gone, completely glazed over. She’s making tiny little whimpers.

Looking down to the remote, I hit the depth button and give her another inch.

The corresponding groan causes my balls to start to ache.

“Going to come, Feather?” I ask.

She tries to focus on me, but there’s no coming back from the deep sexual subspace she’s in. I watch her face carefully as more tears seep into the feathers, darkening the sapphire blue to cobalt. I reach a hand out, caress her jaw lightly.

And then I’m absolutely mesmerized as she starts to orgasm. I expected it to take her hard, but it rolls through her rather slowly. It ripples from her spine to her shoulders where she starts a full-body shudder.

Her eyes squeeze shut, more tears spill, and she lets out a long, low moan that goes on and on and on.

My finger hits the red stop button on the remote. While the dildo powers down slowly, I’m pulling a condom out and ripping it open. Doing nothing more than pushing my jeans past my hips, I spring my cock free and cover it up.

Lust pulses through me so hard I’m practically dizzy with the need to fuck her. She starts to regain some conscious focus and manages an, “Oh, fuck,” as I release the lever on the seat and pull her off with a wet sucking sound.

Turning to the glass, I pick her up, wrap her legs around my waist, and drive into her using her back against the glassed wall for leverage.

She screams and I almost come, so I just hold still as I bend my face to bite at her bare shoulder. “So sexy,” I praise.

Then I fuck her.

Up against the glass as the crowd watches, getting a great look at my cock stretching her already-overused pussy from behind.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I mutter, surprising myself. I normally don’t let my words get in the way.

She in turn moans, “More, more, more.”

“Greedy little bird,” I growl as I hurl my body into hers, as deep as I’ve ever been in a woman.

She tightens all around me, a quick hard orgasm causing her to scream as her head falls back and hits the glass. I look down, seeing her beautiful tits jiggling under the material of her blue dress.

I bring a hand up, test the weight of one breast, and squeeze it lightly. Her head flies up, and she looks down at me. I bring my eyes up to hers, and we lock. Those eyes are magnificent… bright. Almost lime in color.

I pinch her nipple through the material, and her eyes harden with need. Snaking my fingers up, I pull the material down over the left breast and pop it free. She rotates her hips and grinds down on me, a silent plea for more. I take her nipple in between my thumb and forefinger and rotate it hard.

She bucks against me, and my balls shrink tight. I grab the material again, in the middle, and drag it down so I can see more of her gorgeous tits, the other one springing free with the nipple already begging me to torture it. I flick it with my middle finger and fuck me standing… she starts to orgasm again.

It’s all over for me. I slam into her repeatedly, my cock swelling and then exploding viciously as I watch her breasts jiggle from the pounding.

And that’s when I see it.

A crescent-shaped scar on the side of her right breast, raised and puffy.

What the fuck?

My eyes travel further down, and there’s a corresponding scar on the side of her breast that looks almost identical except it’s a bit smaller.

Oh, Jesus fuck, no.

The sight of those scars repulses me as much as they excite me… because I realize who I have in my arms. Whose pussy I’m claiming right now, and Christ… another violent ripple of pleasure courses through me with a secondary orgasm, but I’ve got nothing left in my balls to unload.

My eyes snap up to hers as my hips still move so I can prolong the best damn pleasure of my life.

Fucking goddamn Jorie Pearce.

Micah’s little sister.



I can tell the moment something changes between me and this man who just ruined me for life. After giving me the best sex of my entire life… after freeing me from myself… he turns inward and closes off.

I know he came. Maybe even twice.

But his eyes right now are blazing with fury, and I don’t want to see it.

I don’t want to know what I did wrong, or how bad I was, so I close my eyes against it.

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