I put my purse under my arm to hold it tucked against my ribs, which frees my hands so I can respond. What? Are you serious?

I hit send, waiting only a moment before she replies. Yes!!!

I go dizzy with giddiness that Jorie might be pregnant. I’m not surprised she would share this with me, even though three days late doesn’t prove anything. But we have the deep, abiding bond of trust between us. Being besties will never change, which means we share even the tiniest of thrills, hopes, and expectations.

Which causes a twinge of guilt I’m getting ready to meet the mysterious man from her party last night, and I haven’t even told her about it. For some reason, I want to keep this experience to myself, at least for tonight. And it’s because he is so different from any other man I have been with. In fact, I’m walking into this evening fully expecting it might not end up as great as last time. If that ends up the case, I’m going to be disappointed. But I’m not ready to share the possible let down with Jorie, so I haven’t mentioned anything. I don’t want her to get all hopeful I might find something special the way she did.

Before I can respond, Jorie texts again. I’ve got to go. Walsh and I are headed out to the drugstore for a pregnancy test and some late-night ice cream. Love you.

I sent her a quick text back. Love you, too. Good luck. Let me know results asap.

She blows me a kiss with an emoji, and I smile.

As I turn off my phone, a pair of black dress shoes come into my line of vision. I slowly lift my head. Standing before me is my date, and he looks even better than I remembered.

He’s wearing a light gray designer suit complete with matching vest and accessorized with a white dress shirt and pale pink tie. Like last night, his hair is slightly mussed, yet his beard is perfectly trimmed. I wonder what it would feel like between my legs?

He lets his dark eyes run down my body, and I feel a moment of triumph when I see them heat up. When his eyes lock onto mine, he remains stoically silent. It’s awkward because I would usually expect a compliment over how I look at this point.

My heart sinks a moment, wondering if he is going to be awkward or shy, a complete juxtaposition to his commanding ways our first time together. I absolutely don’t want to have to lead. It’s why the fantasy app had matched us to begin with—I want someone I can submit to who will have absolute control over me. I don’t want to have to be the idea person, the seductress, the vixen who will rock his world.

I mean… I want to rock his world, but I want him to rock mine in return. That’s what he did for me the other night.

I want it again.

I’m startled when he grabs my hand, then turns me toward the elevator. “I’ve been thinking all day about what I want to do to you.”

His voice is deep, dark, and rumbling with pent-up desire. A pleasurable cramp hits me straight between my legs. Instantly, I feel a rush of wetness just from those words. It’s not a compliment about how I look tonight, but rather how I’ve affected him since our first encounter, which is much better.

I don’t respond because I don’t feel there’s any need. Instead, I intend to follow and comply obediently with whatever he wants to do.

I follow him into the elevator and when we emerge at the hostess podium, he gives a curt nod to the woman before he leads me through The Social Room. It’s where I’d ordinarily start my evening by having a drink or two to relax and meet prospects.

I’m led into another small lobby that has several hallways leading from it. Turning to the right, he heads straight for The Apartments.

This surprises me. I thought he might want to exercise control over me in a more public way. I had envisioned him putting me in the stocks or maybe on a St. Andrew’s cross in The Silo. The glassed-in rooms are the perfect place to exhibit kink for everyone to see.

Once inside The Apartments, he leads me to the same private room we were in last week. Except when he opens the door, I’m stunned to find it looks completely different. The bed, which I’d laid on as I’d allowed him to pour hot wax over me, is gone, and instead, there’s a black leather harness suspended from the ceiling. There are so many straps I can’t even comprehend how it works. Beside it, there’s a thick cable that appears to hold a remote control to maneuver the contraption.

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