I can feel my nipples go tight against the material of my dress as this is something new. I’ve never been suspended in any kind of contraption, and I’m going to be helpless as I hang there. Glancing around the room, I see a rolling metal cabinet with three drawers. Past that, there’s nothing else to see.

He drops my hand, then moves to the cabinet. Opening the top drawer, he withdraws the same red silk blindfold I’d had on the night before.

Turning, he holds it out to me. “Get naked and put this on.”

There is no doubt I will do exactly as he says. I saunter up, then take the blindfold from him. He watches me with heavy-lidded eyes as I shimmy out of my dress. His nostrils flare when he sees I’m not wearing anything under it.

“Leave the shoes on,” he commands.

I push the stretchy material of my dress down past my hips along my legs, then step out of it without managing to wobble once in my extremely high heels.

To my surprise, he moves toward me, taking the blindfold out of my hands.

“Turn around,” he orders gruffly.

I comply, feeling him step in close, then I’m plunged into darkness as he ties the red silk around my eyes.

I gasp when he reaches around and pinches my nipple lightly, causing my hips to fly back into him. Blind, I can only imagine what is going to happen. I’m not prepared when one strong hand goes to my hip and the other brings his cane around to where he gently rubs it across my naked pussy. Moaning, I try to press into him, but then he’s gone and I’m all alone in the dark.

I stand there, wobbly and uncertain, listening intently for anything to give me a hint as to what he’ll do next. Part of the excitement is not knowing. For all I know, there’s a flogger in that cabinet that he could use to redden my skin soon.

But all I hear is a click, then some whirring. Footsteps pad toward me, then his hands are on my shoulders guiding me forward a few steps until he halts my progress.

With a series of soft commands, he starts to put me into the contraption.

“Raise your right leg.”

“Lift your arms.”

“Squat down just a tiny bit so I can get this strap on.”

Every single maneuver binds me tighter into the contraption. I feel swaths of leather crisscrossing all over my body. Several down my legs, under my ass, across my back.

Snaps click into place, and the swish of leather into buckles sounds. I also hear him.

His heavy breathing gets more labored as he binds me into the harness. What I wouldn’t give right now to feel how hard he is…

“There,” he murmurs, and it’s a word of completion filled with satisfaction. There’s admiration in his tone for how I must look right now.

Helpless and at his mercy.

I can hear him—no, feel him—as he steps in closer to me, and I’m stunned when his lips brush softly across mine. For some reason, I didn’t think kissing would be part of our rendezvous tonight, but just as quickly, he’s gone once again. A waft of air floats across my body as he steps away, and I strain to listen.

There’s a click, then I’m being hoisted ever so slowly into the air. I go to my tiptoes, but then my feet are off the ground. Strips of leather support me under my ass as well as across my upper back, keeping me from flipping upside down. He’d secured my hands together at the wrist, then locked them onto what feels like a bar above my head.

Another click and a whirring of gears, and I’m stunned as the numerous straps tied from my upper thighs down to my ankles start to pull my legs apart obscenely.

I go up, up, up and still… the movements pull my legs farther apart, stretching them to capacity.

Another click and I stop, swaying gently back and forth.

I’m surprisingly comfortable except for the fact he’s splayed me open. I can’t stop the flush of embarrassment heating my cheeks.

In the utter silence, I start to quiver in a mixture of fear and anticipation. Is pain coming? Pleasure?

Nothing prepares me for the utter warmth that covers my pussy. It takes me a moment to realize his mouth is on me, his intent to destroy me orally. I have no clue how high I am, nor how his body is positioned, but he seems to be in absolute control as he holds nothing back.

His arms come underneath me, grabbing onto the straps just under my butt to prevent the harness from swaying. Holding me in place and using the leverage of my immobility, he plunges his tongue deep inside of me. He groans—either in satisfaction over the way I taste, that I’m completely helpless and at his mercy, or both.

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